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Posted: Saturday, 21 June 2014 4:05PM

Gov. Scott Signs Warning Shot Bill

iStock/Thinkstock(TALLAHASSEE, Fla.) -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a series of bills into law on Friday, including an extension of the "Stand Your Ground" legislation that allows citizens to fire warning shots to ward off attackers.

The law was motivated by criticism against a recent ruling in which a woman received a 20-year prison sentence for firing a gun over her abusive husband's head. The man was uninjured.

Individuals who feel threatened in confrontational incidents will be able to fire warning shots, according to the bill. It allows gun owners to avoid the mandatory minimum sentencing law in Florida that doles out punishment of ten to 20 years, or a life sentence.

Some Orlando residents agree with the new law, but believe security could be a problem.

"That's a good thing that they wouldn't be charged with that," one citizen says. "Safety issues I think are the biggest concern."

Along with the warning shot legislation, Scott signed a "Pop Tart gun" bill which protects children from school suspension.

State students can no longer get into trouble for playing with obviously pretend guns under the law. This allows kids to point their fingers in a gun shape or use Legos to fashion a weapon without fear of punishment.

The "Pop Tart" bill was proposed after a 7-year-old in Maryland was suspended for nibbling the namesake snack into the shape of a gun.

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