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Posted: Monday, 09 June 2014 5:05PM

Nationwide Audit Finds at Least 90 VA Clinics Were Fraudulent

United States Department of Veterans Affairs(WASHINGTON) -- A coast-to-coast review of wait times and scheduling practices at Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals shows just how widespread the problems are within the agency.

The report, out Monday, comes after the investigators spent more than three weeks digging into records and interviewing staff at more than 700 VA facilities. It found that at least 90 VA clinics were fraudulent when it came to caring for vets.

At two dozen facilities, schedulers said they “felt threatened or coerced” to falsify the records, and at 14 sites they said they were “sanctioned or punished” over scheduling practices. 

At two facilities, schedulers said they were written up for “either not complying with supervisors’ orders to inappropriately enter or alter recorded desired dates, or for expressing concerns over what they were being asked to do.”

Currently, more than 57,000 veterans across the U.S. are still waiting for VA appointments three months after requesting them. Another nearly 64,000 who have enrolled in the VA health care system over the past decade have never been seen by a VA doctor despite requesting an initial appointment.

Nationwide, the VA says it has so far identified close to 100,000 vets who are currently experiencing long wait times, and it’s “aggressively” working to contact them.

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