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Fate of Warning Shot Bill in Governor's Hands

TALLAHASSEE (by Rick Flagg/FLA. NEWS NETWORK) -- A bill that would make it legal to fire a warning shot to fend off an attacker is headed for the governor's desk. The sponsor-- Senator Greg Evers-- says no one should face prison for defending themselves.
"This is just one more step forward for citizens to protect themselves, and hopefully they won't spend time in our state institutions."
But Senator Arthenia Joyner says they're opening a Pandora's Box and lives are on the line.
"And everybody is going to get armed and say, "well I'll have a warning shot," and my fear is they will be shooting each other."
The bill passed the state Senate by a vote of 32 to 7. It had already been approved by the House, so the only thing missing is a signature from the governor.

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