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Posted: Monday, 14 October 2013 3:00PM

RNC Launches Robocalls Blaming Dems for Shutdown

JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Republican National Committee is launching robocalls against key Democrats Monday -- DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senators Mark Begich, D-Alaska, Mary Landrieu, D-La., and Kay Hagan, D-N.C.

The calls urge those listening to demand their lawmaker to vote for the House’s legislation last week to make sure veterans receive their benefits. Although it did pass with bipartisan support the bill would not reopen the government.

The calls to the four senators accuses them “and Senate Democrats” of thinking “this shutdown is a game.”

“They are playing politics by cutting off our veterans and their benefits. In a bi-partisan vote, the House of Representatives wanted to make sure our veterans got the benefits they earned for fighting for our freedoms.” Adding the senator “won’t negotiate” and “would rather put partisan politics ahead of honoring our commitment to the people who defended this country.”

If the polling continues to show the blame solidly in the Republicans’ corner, as it does now, there may be more use of these tactics with the GOP trying to shift the blame for the shutdown.

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