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2013 Hurricane Season Arrives

MIAMI (by Alan McBride/Fla. News Network) -- The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season has arrived, with a relatively quiet first weekend.
So far, nothing has reared its head on the weather radars, which is a marked change from the past couple of years.
Last year and the year before that, there were named storms churning up to speed on the first day of the season, or close to it.
This year, there is nothing overt in the tropics so far.
Forecasters are counseling against investing in the hope that, as today goes so goes the season.
They say they're expecting a busy season with as many as 20 named storms in the cards.
Forecasters with NOAA, the parent agency of the National Hurricane Center, say there are a number of factors causing them to project the higher-end estimates.
For one thing, they say we are still in a long-term cycle of greater activity, which got started around 1995.
For another, thee is no sign of the Pacific weather phenomenon El Nino.
That phenomenon is noted for its historic tendency to help suppress Atlantic named storm formation.
At the end of the day, however, none of these factors can reliably predict how many storms will make landfall this season, and how many of them will be minimal hurricanes or better.
The forecast, itself, has deliberately included a wide range of variation in the number of named storms.
Forecasters say the low end of the season could bring us 13 named storms, while the high-end projections are for 20 of these summer storms.
The best advice is just to be wise and be ready.
The hurricane season comes to an end November 30.

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