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UF Unveils Fla's Fastest Supercomputer

GAINESVILLE (by Larry Spilman and Alan McBride/FLA. NEWS NET.) -- The University of Florida has unveiled the state's most powerful supercomputer, and researchers describe it as a device that will help them do everything from finding life-saving drugs to making decades-long weather forecasts.
The HiPerGator supercomputer, as it's called, along with a recent tenfold increase in the size of the university's data pipeline make UF one of the nation's leading public universities in research computing, according to UF officials.
The Dell machine has a peak speed of 150 trillion calculations per second. Put another way, if each calculation were a word in a book, HiPerGator could read the millions of volumes in UF libraries several hundred times per second.
The machine makes supercomputing power available to all UF faculty and their collaborators, and its computing power is spread over multiple simultaneous jobs.
In other words, HiPerGator won't be spending its time focused on punching through one single job at warp speed. It will find plenty of work to do all over the campus.
The supercomputer and bigger data pipeline will combine to provide UF researchers unprecedented computation and faster access to data to quickly further their research.
UF unveiled HiPerGator on Tuesday as part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 25,000-square-foot UF Data Center built to house it.
HiPerGator was purchased and assembled for $3.4 million, and the Data Center was built for $15 million.
Eric Deumens, director for Research Computing at UF, says the HiPerGator will be used for research ranging from drug development to the origins of the universe.

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