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Fla. Teen Surfer Recovering After Shark Attack

MELBOURNE, Fla. (ABC NEWS) -- A teenage surfer is recovering in a Florida hospital today after a shark took a bite out of his leg.
Michael Adler and four friends went surfing at Melbourne Beach on Saturday, an area known for its bull sharks.
The 16-year-old said he didn’t see the shark that bit him, he recalled the moment of terror when it sunk its razor-sharp teeth into his leg.
“His whole jaw just crammed down on my leg and right from there I kind of knew it was a shark attack,” he said. “So then I was paddling in as fast as I could.”
Adler’s friends said a man with military training raced to his aid, using his surf board leash as a tourniquet.
Doctors said because of the anonymous stranger’s quick-thinking, Adler was able to keep his foot and doctors were able to repair four tendons.
The shark attack didn’t deter Adler’s friends, though. After dropping him off at the hospital they headed back to the beach.
When Adler recovers, he said he plans to do the same.
“I am definitely going to surf in the future,” he said. “I wish I could surf tomorrow.”

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