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Local News
ISIS Fight

US Airstrike Targets ISIS Fighters Near Baghdad

There was an airstrike southwest of Baghdad, a new area of operations for US fighter aircraft. A request was received from the Iraqis to provide air support in a fight against ISIS. Read more...
Pump Drop

Gas Prices Lowest Since February

News from local gas stations continues to be positive for consumers, according to the latest report from AAA. The price at the pump is at it's lowest point in 7 months, falling for the 6th consecutive week. And experts say prices should continue to fall through the year. Read more...

US To Send 3,000 To Africa To Fight Ebola Virus

President Obama unveils a significantly expanded US response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, providing troops and personnel for command and control, logistics, training and engineering support. Read more...

Deaths from GM Ignition Switch Defect Exceed Initial Estimate

GM had previously estimated that at least 13 deaths resulted from its defective ignition switches. Yesterday the automaker announced that number is now 19, and will likely increase further. Read more...
Syria Deal

House Armed Services Comm. Wants to Train, Equip Syrian Rebels

Members of the House Armed Services Committee appear ready to propose a mission that would train and equip Syrian rebels, and would avoid the explicit prohibition of ground forces. Read more...