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Arriaga mother of the year award coming out that's be handing out here and in minutes. Aria is good and of course where does it take place. Florida. The we get the near do wells only. On the five road show us a lot of local. Hope you're doing sorry welcome to the weekend happy Bastille day as well. Your time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers when he answers always ask Donald Trump our president. Is unanimous in Paris he's had a lovely time. Seriously with a French president and his wife in fact it trump complemented it the First Lady breezy at Mick grown. They're saying why you're in great shape beautiful. And of course our media's twisting it into. In out. He turns to the French president says I did that. No he really didn't say that but that's how the hell make it sound you know I mean. Yeah and keep it. All right. Still the GOP is you know rolled out the new health care bill I guess Mitch McConnell you'd Cyril and out for the senate in an already people who turn their nose up at it in around. This board just too cold to sport just to lie. I haven't heard anybody say this gorgeous just right so it was no goldilocks in the in a GOP senate anyway. And bust out. I'd stack great. Tim brought out Rand Paul has it right you know it's not truly AEA repeal and replace scenario and in some cases it expands. When obamacare doesn't expands the government's role and then that's not what we voted forced out we asked for it's that simple. But mother of the year. Let's see Weller may who has a mother in the weeks since it's Friday we'll have another one next week and short. And so this bliss here's how it all starts this not decent little girl fifteen years old gang. So why some bodily Jack Daniels from our grandfather. A caddy may come I see fifteen right. And her mother finds out about it all what do you think the mom's gonna deal of course it'd take dead away summer. Well. You got it half right. Yeah sheet instead shattered. The bottle whether. Excellent mother and she has taught her child to share. And if you're gonna steal family comes first steal from them with first. Generally don't do jail time for NASA she's talked her very very well. Are the problem is fifteen year old split mullah Jack Daniels went down mom. Gonna be a little bit more than most fifteen year old could could handle you know here's the sad story if you didn't hear about it it's because there's fifteen year old didn't get sick. And that means they accuse hard core already know that's really frightening. Doesn't sound like she's going to and a good path. Also woman was arrested Wednesday after police said she was drinking whiskey and a hotel whether fifteen year old daughter who was eventually hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. Daytona Beach police said Thursday they found Trace Adkins daughter unconscious and ADs in. The team was throwing up and violently shapes it. Her other daughter's thirteen. Urged term mom. Call for help. She said. Shut up in your deck COLT forty fives. Again not an exact. Phrase. A pair phrase sometimes. Now she refused and waited two hours before finally calling paramedics. Fox 35 Orlando reported. That the girl was taken out of the hotel on a stretcher so this is sad in a serious story. Atkins 35 a surgeon child abuse child neglect contributing to the delinquency of a minor so less media. And I have now do us some time definitely be on the old probationary. Wagon furlong time. The paper reported that the unidentified man out unidentified male called 91 line but Atkins added up. Not talking to the emergency operator still the operator she believed her daughter had alcohol poisoning so in the end it. She finally I guess to the right thing now here's what the team said the teen admitted it has swiped the model a jacked from Graham Bob. In. My mom found out about so well we should bottle. The Tina told the newspaper that she almost died from alcohol poisoning and credited with per hour. For putting her in a bathtub and trying to take care Vern until emergency personnel arrive. And this is why it's fifteen. And we consider someone eighth child. Okay that's why you his parents. Will make a determination of their behavior in with the rules are. Because clearly their brains are not yet developed. What a hassle biology report on top of that brain it's probably not gonna develop as well as it was before. Sounds like mom has probably had some experience there could she's got a few brain cells miss no it was for street charette. Now maybe now. I want to post this thing but Facebook's give me the run around because she's well well leverage in this way the woman is up. I don't think trump would see here is quite as hot as the first lady of France nonsense. Gaffe. Just to guess night when he but he go to candy here. All the wrong. Candy called back is a look like it was actually going to be a positive call chat here on the air. Good morning. I don't know about this so called the only epidemic I treat surgery and ask the ears. Each and I quit and they actually. I told. You they looked. I don't wanna be truck and a high all I want is not eight beat edge off. That's all the LP are supposed cheek or loans to kill shot any how let me just back this up by saying look. IK equity built where I told my doctor my third what a dope or I don't believe. It predisposition to addiction but let aero side caught it. What has tactic common sense of self control are all on quick outs helped control. A little I really overweight at all but. Yeah. No nobody's perfect you had to. Of the personal experience of family members to give you some guidance and experience and am not not everybody yet has that and and some people can't. Develop. This kind of need but let's not be completely naive to it looked there's instructions on a bottle. If you just follow though is its new could still get in trouble possibly because everybody has a different like you said predisposition to it. But got tea I had facial surgery years ago twenty years ago. And I was on cloud nine and I was doped up full morphine and I'm Tanya. I could see how easily someone could say. You know what I like the state of mind I was and I I really felt like I had unconditional love for all human beings seriously I'm not joking I don't know and that's the power of that stuff. But again as you say if you're just taking the edge off the pain you shouldn't develop an issue where that that's that's true but look people are always trying to medicate themselves and if a little feels good it. A little bit more feels better. Then and alcoholics and thing candy you're on the air. Pregnant. I I wouldn't be too real. To compliment. Like that. From the great man in the world to. You know I I believe I would do a job for a long time with the this year our current title. You know where they judge women. Don't know. I don't come anywhere that would total rocked the world golf spurred him to come up with a comment like that I mean. I wouldn't you were at union have been an ocean aren't torn. I don't think the winner without it. Hey Jenny when I met you I said something nice but the united say it right here thanks for. Like got to hang up. He's got that that your guys your brother. She's cute as a button. Can I say don't on the air when I can jump care but I you do with a wife two let's remember that. Convent micron and myself discussed how we can strengthen our vital. Security partnerships just at a meeting with our generals and our representatives went very well. Well I really is serious real stuff in my man fake news is way better. Kinect you can't just quickly backed securities point. She does make an excellent point about eight you have to remember that yeah. The miss universe contest you are actually judging women. On. What is interesting. Hey I really appreciate the call we got to go though because what's bugging you is coming up next week's irritate you. What's rubbing your rhubarb what's revenue the wrong way. This lady as a same address is up massage parlor. And people are banging on the door. And all hours overnight now. You know that's rubbing her the wrong way so it's you live locally should be Conan for what's plugin you. Now it's your turn 8779759825. What's bugging you brought your eyes Florida pest control is next to. And me and I am an owner. Moon name. Similar to study adds is right about guys up close in on FaceBook dot com slash this guy isn't it obvious. I can't say anything early. Some ulyetza people seven tour money Soriano Bob Rochelle in his cell and a tough week off. It's time for what's bugging you know why all gay usually to phone lines are completely lit up the they're not. Already nick and a second day is driven most of our listeners away. Our call now 877. 9759825. For what's bugging you expect about Florida pest control really bugs AK controlled. Our litter box and John what's bugging you. Well it dead bird lefty democratic com is included in Gary Israel will Gary and gain goal. Good. People are reluctant well YMCA camp bound to pray and pray that in Dubai at W Palin of people who brand jaguar. Look at Kobe get it I guess I'm gonna open up a lot out of. And hide settled down settled down let me tell the people know what this is about. The YMCA. Out of Palm Beach County how they own this piece of property I don't know with as they deal. They own it the YMCA camp McConnell. And apparently it's a nice piece of property. And they needed to raise money because of continuing. At Costa do business in Palm Beach County so wide there are. Decided to go ahead auction off. That piece of property. And a high bidder turned out to be a latch what county. Now. It's wrong no that's what county was even beating on it. This is something that should have been talked about before and that we're going to be and beating four pieces of property now as they become available. Armed and it. This camp would require. Much more money and were require workers and all kinds of things to run it if you did as it can happen. Bit sort of would be a shame not to because that's what is set up for including like an Olympic size pool. So cute pair eight. On who's a state senator but said he was operating as a private citizen he wanted to do I didn't really it was even. Released him buying it I don't think it was side nonprofit organization deals with teams. Well. He he he's upset about it I guess. But. The bottom line is if they were interested in getting that property. He. Where somebody representing that charity that nonprofits. Should have. Did not should've been there and apparently date they were not soul I'm not sure I mean if they have the whole process was illegitimate. You know that's one thing but. And any isn't a bad decision by the county to begin with to get into it PSI think it is look this is it county. That is millions of dollars behind required hazing. Road sooner you know grade it ABC threat they're all asked their past the roads and account your ass rated roads it's ridiculous. And they won't put money into that but they'll keep buying property in this property would require additional monies. Nice wrong but keep Perry on the other hand based on remembered go by you know what it was sunny Gainesville sun based on that. He's not necessarily in the in the right on this either OK I mean the process is the process. Look if if the county shouldn't have bought it and people are outraged and end date. You know they try to get out of it. Then the next person who would have I think right of refusal would be the second highest bidder if I'm if I'm not mistaken I think that would be. How to work when you bid on something that's generally how works the first person like you're buying exotic sports car and also new fold up. Then they'll you know they'll give a second dinner at least the opportunity. Hey. That guy man that guy dropped out I here we go. Mike what's bugging you. About what's bugging me is we had eight years of an administration. That started with fast and furious. By the uranium deal. Talent Russian guy that hey one I have at election I'll be arc of blab more. 400 million dollar in order currency being shipped out a clandestine military plane. But. The media can always crying. And they're Russian and that didn't. Yes well now yet dance and that's months where whereas. David what's bugging you. I what are bringing is. One somebody construction or. Being down here. And so it. I hear order and and it just it just say it's a woman they say. And outer saying. Patient and is due in summer but. I don't see exactly what on what state dot. Born belongs. Yeah and I'm. Sure exactly where you're referring to and I know they've. They've made huge improvements in an area that would be south of highway fifty. Out today and where where what county would that be. Part of some to ask goers some terror right Sumter and then into Pasko be out there eBay expanded the lanes on that and it has really needed I was big bottleneck there still under construe NS TI and these things are gonna continue to perpetuity really because a lot of times once they finish in complete the project finally. If deal back and make additional expansions because you know the usage is up so. Through our area tonne of Tom Murray paving projects going I've been all over I 75 I 95 it doesn't matter where you go there's construction somewhere if you travel long enough. Rocco you're on the air. And I thought you know I'm gonna benefit Sean Hannity fans but for the current last month as that would cement Asia element at night. And I got to tell you man that guy is right spot on about it guide. It's east changing no quick opinion on his side in the very big way you know what obviously it was by the lead though. This is namely Sean Hannity. Instead issue on how to derail the. Irish guard dominate a little bit that you couldn't tell you have any day use added I didn't you know and say and you said we dominate dates right. Tenacious and don't get enough play when an irishman. Unless you tackle until resigned yet did you do it all day. Because it's gonna take awhile. Beyoncé and many more buzz Saturday. I'm talking about. God bless your rock he'll have a great weekend 730 and above rose show 8779759825. Who likes money. Flew likes money. 7:38 o'clock rose showtime Jack brought to you by prestige and he's Jewelers where the answer is always yes. Thanks for joining a happy Friday happy Bastille day Yankee like money. Thousand dollars shares what a thousand dollars four times a day eight Monday. Starts Monday. Monday morning 7 AM is your first opportunity in your best opportunity the rest of the day doesn't really matter. Deteriorating off after ten. She just kidding yeah. Listen all day think if if that lots of chances to not know about me it is it's not all about me. No seriously is Jason and a thousand bucks four times today and it's pretty huge and now we'll kicked off again Monday 7 AM. It was into the code word and data messaging data rates book. We recovered all right good deal. Donnie Wahlberg. Indo us people like money doesn't all lawful allows. I bet you know what Al did she got the ball. I think no one yeah I know one of my ideas. That I didn't follow through on he got holy ripped off. He got stolen from me they stolen from. They saw me basically making a bowl I would go there wrote order hash browns two eggs over medium on top you are right together and get it and I get sausage and I'd cut it all up into pieces and put up I'm not kidding a mix it all up now. He's a good cheese on it the attic but. That's odd mix it now the bull it comes of those agrees plus cheese. Angelic 7994. Missed in when your done your fall. Is good. But I still an idea I think somebody watched me what I was doing and ninety Kennedy and ran of that man. But up and Donnie Wahlberg went in there and he got DS brown ball. Any heat. Left a 2000 dollar tip. He's shown waiters and waitresses around the country he appreciates all the hard work. He says my mom waited tables of my dad tended bar for years so when a lot no Waffle House in the staff treats it like it saying you better believe I treat them like queens. And in some dude punched him right now Headley now the singer detector posted on FaceBook. Right next a picture of the 2000 our tippy left on an 82 dollar bill. I do indeed a lot of Waffle House in 82 bucks. BC has the neighborhood so that. He also post a long video expresses gratitude for the staff in Charlotte but is now the first time he's done it. He had dropped 500 bucks in late June for staff in. Edgewood Maryland. Weather service at the Waffle House to the Baltimore Sun Wahlberg came manager with a big group of people instead were hungry. We're good people and we tip well. And so what they do. They snapped till it the girl operator said hey man this is like. A week's pay. And he was talk about the holds him this year right. Wahlberg and his banner currently on Torre's been hitting ample Waffle House in almost every city and he's documented their social profile so he's big fans root for him. Now he's got more fans likened him. They. No he is is a PR stunt so a lot. There's arson right place I think and I Indies for real when he talks about you know his parents struggled worked hard. He still got their blue collar mentality and that's when American needs more often I'm wrong with that. Morgan goes some of the hardest working. You nations are forever joined together by the spirit of revolution. And the fight for freedom. France is America's first and oldest ally a lot of people don't know that. Team France does have a Waffle House. Now there's one not too far from merits called the Belgian Waffle House Muller there. Now was that a stretch things like it's not like our work done all morning. 742 on a Bob Rhodes show yes. President Donald Trump is in France happy Bastille day he celebrate he's the guest of honor. If for a guy who ever did the lefty media says everybody's hair around the world. He sure is getting pretty good treatment for guys that allegedly hated no they're getting along extremely well. Him and president Matt grown and gotten hit a compliment. To the First Lady. President trump did. He said got any fertile tag you're pretty darn hot. No anyway now that's now access. He says they macaroni and I need debt. No I didn't say that in order set. He said wow. You're really good shape beautiful. That's what he said. But our media is gonna make it sound like unit Donald Trump is is picked. I guess I sort of made it sound awaits you oh whoops but I'm just haven't thought. I I'm not you know another ABC news they actually debt that was a story. That there was a story for ABC news. Let me let me dignity of video. Does this headline of a new store this ABC news this is not the tabloids. Okay and others is an Entertainment Tonight. This is ABC news. Trump told French First Lady Huron such good shape that's a headline and actually they have a store print it it's a story. President Donald Trump today complemented the French first ladies. Physical appearance. During a tour or other historic. Hurries inside you know you're in such good shape president trump said to. Bridget Negron in a video. The French government posted to its official FaceBook page. The moment came as trump First Lady Manigat president Emmanuel iMac trying to firstly Bridget who 64 by the way and he's 39. Ended their two war. Guy and does this where Napoleon is buried. Isn't it. She and such good shape. Trump who 71 by the way said to president acronym before adding of the Merrimack grown beautiful. The Associated Press was the first to note the exchange. The US president a French First Lady had her own handshake moments earlier. Listen at risk when they're Trump's first arrived. Trump and Bridget a grown greeted one another win a kiss on each cheek trump then grabbed microns a right hand. Jerking it toward. As she tried to step back. So the regular sound like he. If not hey an eighth seed spread pretty well put together and and could basically try to grabber molester. Right. Now. I mean. Here's the true story. Begin an attractive woman. Who was at an age where getting a compliment well. Who doesn't like to come point and any age but that was given genuinely. And Amendola. Has been around the most beautiful women in the world. He married one of them. He ran the miss universe pageants. So he gave her a nice compliment and it was an import taste but the media will make its. Unfortunately. They won't talk about as much how well Leo along how much they've worked on things of substance and not antiterrorist. Pad type stuff that. Syria and in important discussions economy has said Iraq. And I I guess I'm kind of fallen into the trap too. You know. But now well we'll give you more. Sound bites and talk about it. Further on the Bob Rochelle is 746. Right now if you want an 8779759825. Well five days doesn't sound like a long period of time in terms of any cease fire in Syria that's a very long period of time. And that was a result of having communication. What if any country. 750 to one above Rochelle live local thanks for tuning an 8779759825. If you want and happy Bastille day president trump guests of honor and a Paris France other big headline is that he gave a compliment to be a first lady of France breezy at my grown. And said while she's in great shape in CN beautiful he said but that'll be looked at like cat well Il's. Right. You got you got to truth on and then you can have your own taking you'll see with the media does to an. But the bottom line is there were actually important things going on Factiva and our country relating to Donald Trump because he tweeting out. This morning to Republicans on the hill to do what is right for the people and get their failed obamacare replacement approved of so because Republican leaders have unveiled. No new version of their health care bill now and they do today yesterday afternoon. In their effort to deliver on several years of promises. To repeal and replace obamacare seven years. And they still are struggling well what you we haven't. Really had seven years to come up with a it I mean look I'm up for NASA I'm. I I predict a I procrastinate. I procrastinate so much so I can't even say the word I'm so guilty of it. But it's been years. Honey coat and anyway. So they outfit the new bill out and they're looking at it and people like Rand Paul they're not happy. Like this thing doesn't do anything to really repeal. But Ted Cruz said that. Maybe maybe build a day reflects the input from senators across the spectrum it's not. The ideal bill I'd like to pass I I suspect there may not be a single senator for whom it's the ideal build it like the past but it does represented bill. That reflects the concerns expressed across the conference. Nokia and well look if you're not gonna make all the people all all happy all the time they're gonna all have issues. Within parts of the bill but in general overall is it good enough. And in all the stuff that I look at there are some expansion there is more money being spent Amman. You know it's better than I think what we have now and there's some more options especially for a Ted Cruz gives his amendments in there about companies it can offer you know. He they're calling it that the media is going a bare bones you know they economies are in the hall it's a nothing planned but out a less expensive plan and for those who want a less expensive plan. They'd still be legally covered. Both of those are the big deals both of those are amendments introduced and so I'm encourage the bills moving in the right correct yeah. Now so good tad. God I'd trump declared yesterday that a failure would make him very angry. And he would blame senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. To what Mitch McConnell would say. Form for a long ball well and crew were armed intrusion is true. I'm sick could. Hold. But it does so irony now Lotta time go. Bought. Dollar amount trawl but it period that virtual radio waves and album maker felt like you know food problem. I and that he grew up with and it aerials. Yeah same respect that complements the lady. Yeah yeah I don't trump Donald Trump later really huge compliment our honor you know they said figure is that. To William butch and it's easier to pair weren't shorts I get short for motors may not sand. What a jump on the block a road show my god.