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That's what I'm talking about that's a Friday music and easily Denny's here. And that feels good at 807. On the Bob Rhodes show you time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer is always yes. I don't wanna work. Okay. President trump in France and ice into the French show First Lady bridge cities like gas. I'd like to Ben and add drama all very. Happy Friday on. It's. What he did say tour was. Hey. While you're really really good shape your beautiful. That's that's basically what he said it by the media make him not to be in terms of peg. Just for the record. No he grabbed her anywhere well to remember her Hannah handshaking kind of pull. Him in toward. And took toward. Him grabbed her I if I gas. Look here's the bottom line. Trump is being treated like a king. He's getting excellent treatment in France he couldn't be happier. He and the French president macro on are getting along very well. Very complimentary of each other even though there's a difference of opinion on many issues. They're coming together and the like you said Toms get the royal treatment and he likes it and he did he made a very complimentary nice. Thing to say about the First Lady there. And what's. Maybe a little different about their relationship. Is that the president is set at 39 and the First Lady is doubly 64. And she'd she looks Lucy don't look very good for agent she dresses very nice and so the trump. Told the French First Lady you're in such good shape. When strongly that the there's nothing wrong with. Well in today's society you have to be careful. Let women know the difference. When you're at paying them a genuine compliment. Or when you're being a pig they know the difference. Now guys in the court of law. In no. From anything's possible right so you have these. Harassment suits and what have you. And you know the man this thing is is the sad part is in there somewhere that the person didn't really do anything. And the other persons are never paycheck but there are times when really a woman is being treated in a very you know I mean derogatory nasty way. And that is. Blew an acceptable so men who treat women out whale did you get sued. But president trump was of course. Very polite. And but he speaks his mind what's on his mind. And it was complimentary. And that said hey your great hand great shape beautiful. Coming from a man who well. Part of his living was made actually judging. Some of the most beautiful women in the entire U Ers. David you're on the air. About. What they remind people what we're up against the election Hillary Clinton was all open border. For want socialism. We understand that president crops not a smooth talking politician. And thought he might make the mistake columnist and out of that but we understand. He's not a socialist and that's exactly what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party represent. So there's nothing. And I mean nothing that president can do it would make me this period in the back of our verdict for. And I want people out there especially the ones on the left. And we have a very popular commentator here as we're here's. Certainly gotten. And the people in the middle. And we're happy being in us so willing to meet them and Bob. Where do you mean where this group of socialism in the middle. And word you agree you're here. Thought boring word civil war is and I'm surely civil war. I believe weren't the war for the future of the country I can't find any Ian Browne was social. I. Well we've embraced it already a long time ago on some aspects as you know. And social security and Medicare and Medicaid in the public school system and stuff that's it you know definitely dabbling again. Socialism there's no doubt about it now. We need to stop data expanse. And the growth of government. And everybody talks about it nobody's been successful. In doing it and you're right when it comes to. The Democratic Party I mean was I guess the hijacking began not too long after. JFK I mean if you look at some of the things that he stood for lower taxes spurring economic growth. And things like that. You know look he was a guy that debt. God government can help with solutions if there if they're focused. But he can't be the end all do all for instance Pete you know the space race and NASA and all that look let's give credit where credit is due. OK and that was I think you're good thing and it showed where focused government with a goal. You know win a clear goal. Can't do some great things. But the way it is now it is. Muir talk I had an early age in many cases in the universities continue that process again in many cases not in Albany in many. That you know the government has the answers. Two everything every social ill and the usually involves. On spending other people's money tell fix what's perceived as a problem. And something's truly our problem and some things are blown out of proportion. But I know I agree with the you look to the. Capitalism is what made this country great. Capitalism. Competition. View pay your own way you have a ticket to do whatever you lot. OK you can come from poverty and actually rise of to be at present a United States Abraham Lincoln. And you still can't do it although it is more difficult and it's more difficult to compete. You know if you're an upstart and stuff like that it's it's hard. And government. Government can play a valuable role eating call it socialism. In how they can play a valuable role but they really. Has to always err on the side of restraint and that's what the founding fathers were four. Now. And they they warned us about the allowing government to expand and it has expanded all my gosh exponentially. Courses can expand on a population expands but I say exponentially. And in in terms of percentage of you know the people's income. Mean we started to warn a revolution get away from the king because some people or tax desires two or 3%. And now walk around their head buried in the sand for early Dana tax rate around 2.5 percent right. Tony you're on the air. They're good morning and you know it enacts it step Bobbitt is conservative principles that made America great. And that arguable limited government and the value of individual. Now to do certificate in the figure that out. Our former President Bill Clinton and former President George Bush because. I you know yesterday. The a little present law library and ballot. Never backed group Reagan cheap shot it well you know that it named him mayor but they're talking about people at all but been aired yet blob all bought. This is what the left and the right will not yet. The people of the United States. Voted Donald Trump and they've rejected the bail they rejected the other little book that would would become an all that and they reject. Yup belt they elevate. Now they can't seem to wrap our heads around that they're curl like the other modes quick quote on quote bill the popular kids in their get margin departed they're there you're. And they'll never they'll never get the entire entry irritant saying if you want Europe. Europe is responding because trumpets saying look. America is needed country we needed you know you need America because local we get these up they're talking about America berg it to get a great response. How come people read our state can get that is out right because they'd been brainwashed. By their own selfishness. And they've been lulled into this. This try it had been lulled into this story but government largesse. And they're all opposition agreed. And you know. It if they really bother me Bobbitt I remember Clinton. Are theoretically it all these ear rare but it but it will call these. And all that corruption that was going to be quite a warrant out the Chinese Government. And now look they're talking about. So I guess we're remind everybody checked up on all of these. If you notice that you have. They can't attract the Randall has our interactive make up almost arbitration. He said did he did that. They bring it on because demand policies are made in America return back there are great. Which is the value. You isn't it you'll forgot. I just think truth you know the American people spoke loudly. I mean nobody. Know both within a few exceptions but. Nobody thought that he could win the presidency even people who are very supportive of him. It's not wealth and it wouldn't it be great Bennett let's be real lesson we're gonna happen even people supported him as everything happens. They did happen because enough people. We're sick and tired of the status quo in these power players in Washington. And the good old boy system that is been entrenched for years. Yeah so that's why doesn't have any friends and on the Republican side the people need to pay attention to that as well there should be a price. To pay there. And again LB that people will be underestimated by the GOP. They don't get something real done. When it comes to health care you're gonna see maybe it's changing of the garden and the power structure change and will be for the better but. Now it'll be their own doing 817. And Bob Rose show 8779759825. I'd be happy Friday happy Bastille day we've got a lot more to talk about including that health care bill coming out. I know this is gonna come as a shock that I am I'm also leaving today. What size two days and I asked him go to work a lawful house on a desired you can get big tips there. Donnie Wahlberg the actor and no a former member of New Kids On The Block it looked a 2000 dollar tip L lawful house some to go I'm legal work Derrick has no other hash browns to you know saga amounted earlier. And I'm serious. I surrogate a serious. Jones thing. For hash browns a dealer. There. Loom hatch. I love when a lot of salt pepper all over Iran pretty yeah. He's I did take those bags over median just mix it right in there now with just enough field to you may get nice and sticky can't do that every day. When that once a week and I resent cutie potatoes every day my aunt sister survived on for the hundreds of years reits pocket. You talk about. Some potato. It's God's little blessing. Yeah actually there and then. Being in moderation like everything and all right. Thanks for tuning in happy Friday happy Bastille day president Donald. Talking. To president macaroni and the First Lady gave her a compliment that sit. The big news and he said out loud urine urine such good shape beautiful. That'll be of course taken out of context and make trump look bad and indeed this is a very nice thing. Odd to say and they won't talk about Ali other things in and how get along extremely well. They're covering a lot of ground and this president's young president micron. He's done. I think he likes Donald Trump I don't think they agree on stuff but I think he genuinely likes him. Because he say look here's a successful guy. And here's a guy June. Who isn't so concerned about in L his image percent you know we just leads to a look at he wants it to weed out you guys. 8779759825. Or want your take. Good morning Judy how are you. Greek. How can that account and I don't think it's always had. The troops don't know I ask how much Lou I'd not a country. There and they didn't attempt to try to get out of that country. And why don't chocolate is very good they haven't gotten. A little harsh. Batting let. Me. I. Just kept trying to go pretty. That entry and you know I people. How over our country that was odd 58. And act called the great pleasure to ever hear she and people don't and I am. I don't know China is our president because. It actually got a loophole in charge of our country. Well you know it's kind of interesting. That and I really appreciate your call thank you. It's interesting that if you really were looking for this evangelical connection. It would seem like Mike Huckabee would be one and also senator Ted Cruz. In fact and I'm not trying to hurt people's feelings I'm just being myself and being honest like Al examine that is you know Ted Cruz won it in his things that I thought was detracting. Was the fact that he came off sort of like eight televangelist. Or the satire of one. And although some people may. Lights that speaking manner as some. But for some reason he and of course that isn't the kind of in his roots it is part of his makeup and Hui as I must say it's a bad thing. But it's an uncomfortable it's uncomfortable for for a lot of folks and look cannot. I enjoy some home like Jolo OC I know that's like if you know all all real and evangelical never liked Joseph lawless state because he has a big house or whatever. Look it's about the message from me here's a very positive upbeat message that kind. But back to what you're talking not trumpet in god and and pick some. Religious folks who get Matt. Am mad because I wonder what is it. What do we all these god fearing people are all talking about Donald Trump he's not even that religious. And he's got a divorce he's had this knee said that. And here's what I consider. I read a book not too long ago that they came in a very important time for me and it was called unqualified. And the lesson of the book he has okay no matter what you've done what mistakes you may have made or whatever. That doesn't mean that god has done with the new it doesn't mean that you are your Siena. Com but what it does mean and if you look at it biblically so many stories in the Bible are buyout. The people who work unqualified. And how they rose up. How god chose. The unqualified. And that's what I said. About president trump I said he's. I think god is calling him. Because he is. Unqualified. In terms of maybe you know how old wounds the Bible might judge him and his actions right. But see that's that that's the tremendous power if you're believer if you're a believer okay. And that's the tremendous power calling of the unqualified. And that's how people I think either consciously or subconsciously. Think that Donald Trump is gonna bring back and in sort of be a revivalist in terms of saying it's okay to say. Thank you god. Dingle Berry you're on the air yeah. I hear honest I don't know why this discussion about how what happened Saturday topic of health savings accounts. So I don't know lol do some research on and will bring it up but this health health savings accounts. It's odd what you can use them for will be expanded in this in new build even cover insurance premiums possibly. We'll get into that whole lot more coming up on news talk 97.3 disguise yeah. 838 Oman roadshow live and local every Friday and we Denny's here July 14 welcome welcome it's Bastille day. President Donald. And with all the events around Paris and stuff but what do they Shiite six hours ahead of us some like dad. So why he had a right Actel hotels taken a nap sleep in. I wonder if he's whispering in the first lady's a year now his First Lady my crohn's First Lady. Could do here we do it did you notice at all come gay as a holy cow he was look at her backside he said. He didn't like you to bounce. Off that I think they are doing squat so. It's not like Jews. And all saw the some on the maybe a year and make it out to be this day on cruise comment here is the fact. Okay. President trump met the First Lady Bridget Lecrone who by the way is 64. And her husband the president of France is 39. Okay some people may make remarks about W and now as it what's wrong with that and does a lot of really know and number but if you're 72 when your Marion and it you know somebody just turned eighteen. Yet there's something wrong there in my opinion. Unless you asked her car standards are a plane no it's still just is creeping in fact maybe even creep higher. But no 6430 I. It doesn't matter doesn't know. What doesn't know an eight inch. So it doesn't matter. To plus it's my daughter involved when he old perverts are. But in this case notes the wall is older. You know. So and by the way she is an attractive woman. She dresses well I don't know much about her in her background. I believe that she's been successful but I don't know a lot about her. The bottom line is president trump. Gave her compliment and it wasn't done in any any kind of a perverted sexist way although there are some people there there's some people that believe that. It just giving a simple compliment. The day you are you word even acknowledging someone's physical appearance. Now here's the weird thing okay in this world that we live in today we're all supposed to be on. In nice to everybody in different two different people sexuality we should all say okay we'll live and let live all right I'm let's just say that. And so if you say to a guy code to it. Man and you look awesome you're huge what do you what's your secret what do you do what. Would that would that be weird. When everywhere and say hey man you going to keep yourself in pretty good shape. That's a compliment. And but in today's world it's odd that if it's between two different sex is it's a problem but yet we're supposed to live in this. Newt what what would you call it. What's the word I'm looking for this this sexuality that's not defined by gender. But yet it still has a special V can be used it seems like against a man making a nice comment. Sissy bug you're on the air. I. I kissed Aaron and failing a little long and easy. Bobbled the way eat that you are making fun in the what Donald trot said. Took a First Lady I have no problem with what he's bad I would take a compliment being that he's seven years old. But the way you're making and is. Down and a whole lot like what the Democrat. Well bad in essence they see as is but by the way what are you wearing now I'm just kidding on. Debt debt is what I'm doing I'm making fun of no lefty media I am sad tiring them you see it does make you feel uncomfortable you know like this you're not used to it. We're not used to hearing. The last. Being made fun of in SA and a satirical way we make fun of them forward some of the things they say and do and their policies and all that. But I'm doing satire on how blown out of proportion nose comments will be. Made an Ambien Allen improves and I'm already correct on that I'm so tired of not being able look compliments. On. It's ridiculous well look there's that. And that's been and and that's this political correctness or when every wanna call on Iraq eight you've got what Donald Trump said was the which would be for perfectly acceptable. Okay and it is. And I know that he meant it in a very nice and positive and upbeat way just like any of us would. Like to hear a compliment like that it would accept it graciously. And we know and beaten in the manner in which it was delivered. But what I'm doing yeah I'm being over the top Sissy. And in not trying to offend anybody. But I am it's a satirical. It's it's showing how silly the last can be and to do that. How do you have to be twice a silly you have to be way over the top. It has to be ridiculous to the point of being ridiculous. To be able to topple what they do and a satirical way and I hope you get debt. Okay I'm on your side I'm Lydia. We don't. Donnie you're on the air. Laura and cook but. I do agree that look well back on year. In an unqualified. Unquote life pretty good well you now are geared pretty leader I don't know. I undercover no compromise eight. I'm women I you don't look 65. You're right Puerto cricket crap because. I do a great 88 to cookie around my family I don't know. But I don't lateral well at the good life and I'd been British I might erode about it Robert good to go to Butler had a it took a veto by governor underwent detonating. But there are a couple of help and then it then they got back I can you know let me. I like it in the I don't like it would only. Played it what does. Bigger L a lot but I think your main. Look at that you look at early retirement job coming out of retirement. And go to retire but I don't water I don't vote regularly. Pollyanna answer he's he's he told me that. Yeah look we all know that we all take these things in stride in new experiment as a compliment. You know the difference. Women know the difference when they're being given a compliment. Or away or when it's done. You know when it crosses a creek a creepy line I guess is all I can say women know the difference. Headline wasn't delivered in that way and I'm sorry if by my attempted to satire. About how the left is hysterical over it. Idea. May have caused some monies. You are if you aren't. Did make things you freak again. 846 and above Rochelle. What exactly was that trump won't what exactly did he sat on the side. But he's added Bjork in such good shape. Beautiful. That's exactly what he said. But then. Good morning and welcome it's 850 on the Bob Rochelle. Todd Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes joins with the answer is always yes happy Friday happy weekend happy Bastille day president Donald. Is in Paris France he is the guest of honor is being treated with a great deal of respect he is getting along very well. It with. The president. Of France. Emanuel met crawled. And his wife Bridget abrasion a 64. And I Emmanuel Lewis 39 there's an age difference there. But she appears to be in very good shape and does she dresses very well. And she's beautiful. Now. President trump said the same thing. But how is our media treating that they're treating it like it is a big deal. It ABC news did a whole new story on it. All the things that are going on in the world all the things they're even going on with Bastille day all the things that are going on between the French president and our president all at. They have time and space. To have a story trump told French First Lady you're in such good shape. I mean I saw the headline unlike. Really. What's that from what so what. President Donald Trump today complemented French first ladies physical appearance. During a score. Of where the end of the tomb of a symbolic part the bowling and right. And the president trump. All he said juror was isn't she in such good shape. He actually said it's an oppressor president macro. And then before adding. Beautiful so Donald Trump said. Isn't Sheehan such great shape. They said that search usage you know we aren't such great shape. And it. And beautiful. What will. I don't have a problem that now. I've been doing a little satire and having some fun being over the top. Loudly here's what trump really sad Barack. And I'm making fun about a lefty media is perceiving all of this and how they are going to. Try to take it out of context and make something big about it. But let's see you let us Venus thinks a Siena height to it. I'm gad you know lack I don't think that there. Taking out of context I agreed saying maybe they. They do they edit and that obviously my idea that just because it quieted it. The man. Is is it trading not bad again because he had said. Whole lot better our lot worse and it was better and yet people women and yet our hot line. You know I've I think he's being told the hushed up right now and it got that legal problems and and as. Crop of potential problems right now adding a much up for awhile but it'll come to that purpose and lynch. Coward Itanium are really I mean is this things that he has setter Tweeter whatever. Can you compare that to wide your president President Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office. Yeah I had you need the bit did you hear the video about are you wouldn't collected about what he said about women and. I don't think there's I don't I don't think he was the president of the United States when he made those. You know comments. Just can't we have it. No we know everything that. So you think did there is somehow there's an equivalency. Between what president trump said. What he thought was off microphone but nonetheless he was not president he was a private citizen. Making eight but rather rude commentary. Two the host of that entertainment show Billy bush. Blizzard out of bounds and wrong absolutely. He was not president of the United States. Vs your friend William Jefferson Clinton who was president and we know the discussing things he did while we don't even know. Really the extent of which but we know for sure some of the stuff that he did. Big time you're on the air. I was saying thank god Donald Trump and senator. The the French president warrant had nice year. Or estimate could be saying he called or he he he he yeah. The outlook did there's going to be no winning. There's no winning a little winning honesty when many Alice China Fund would at a knives clubs at the sensitivities of some dude unmanned you're on the air. Yeah how low out our culture army Qwikster accuse him not. Yeah I know you've stated Mark Wahlberg it related to belt I thought about Mark Wahlberg a few months back. It was Marky mark and well earned his baseball cap backwards they beat the crap out of some guy at blunder but blunt I have got a felony conviction. Well. I two in the NRA it is an amendment prepared to Hollywood hypocrisy comes at. Full strength so that he can fire a weapon. They even though he's a convicted felon. You know different stereotype. Contradict that damage joked well all American diet Michael. Well look it. He doesn't make any bones about it he's made many mistakes as he used he got enough all sorts of trouble. And in fact. You know getting an advantage and didn't you know getting modeling career and so play that was a huge. Huge breakthrough because he was going got a bad pass and you realize that SARS political goes. You know he might not be far right of center but he's definitely now left of center. Now let's assess her at all. I don't know about that particular gun issue specifically I don't know army group in Boston area very very strict gun laws in Massachusetts but it. But now anyway the story was about Donnie Wahlberg his brother. Who left to 2000 dollar tip. At Waffle House and he's done this before I left a 500 dollar red tip and a different one back in the June. So I don't know I think that's pretty cool. We don't have time for. Janet's gone chanting hang on to and it's gonna give me. A tough time set out nonaligned until they understand it hang on folks I'll get terror next on news talk 97.3. This guy.