Animal Communication - How to do it and why it's important

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Thursday, April 6th

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Amelia Kinkade about her books that offer insight and instruction on how to communicate with animals - domestic or wild - and why it is so important that we do so. 04/06/2017 Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Well beyond reality radio and Jason Hawes and TV Johnson what what. But what does it. Nothing you turn into a werewolf I do my practicing we're going to be learning how to talk to animals tonight. And you chose. For they begin at the beginning to do horse warming. I get the yeah NYC dole. I'm afraid we're going to be talking to it's a Mili can KJ you know. Heard she's us is an actress. Pet psychic and and more so they whether it's a while it's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast and if you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality to reveal myself Jason because my cohost GP Johnson. It has javy was saying we gotta agree showtime are we talking with Emilia Kincaid. And the language of miracles program which teaches you talk to animals and actually get answers now cool is there. Yeah a million is a very interesting person comes to us a lot of work all over the world not only the animals but also kids. And she's got a pretty interesting Serkis who's an actress for awhile she has started a series of horror films in the eighties when humans demons and I do ninety degrees exempt yet and I was chosen what my best friend is vampire yet and she did units a month peace work on TV and that kind of thing so she's gonna have a lot to talk about but I'm really interested in in learning more about her perspective on. The animal world she talks about time in a reincarnation with the animals and and being able to communicate with animals after they passed and yes we'll have a while a lot talk. Both are still in animals had to spend a date with the way of helping her get three don't expect him forests of pat on the same timer yes also more teaser organized opponents are literally are so now the candidate. Well lady so you have all of it going to take shots expressly because the other day we can't Mattie they she was Manny has agreed to or damaged so wonderful animal mom. We saved if Michael shall issue as well dug in Tennessee. Well. The other day she's in the backyard she's her own something up and down she's done many times before him whatever. I was thinking my children to hand I look up to him upstairs window. And realize that it was. She admitted a friend it was a wood chuck who bully and choose stirring it up and down and this. It's a common thing for as she's told Blake six which she doesn't eat and she doesn't do anything. She that scares them to death more somehow and just breaks them as she grabs on old but then just plays catch with them. Stuff Tampa if you've never seen anything is weird is this week the news one day she killed the squirrel walked around the league goes stuffed animal. It is she smiling which is this surge he has one day she caught in my house she she literally had a mouse by its tail and try to run into the house news it was a life. And I love that probably also had taken multiple of that tender. Make sure there'll open shots and so some exiles or with Germany and as you get the event do house calls. You play here and immunize. That would save a lot of time and effort trying to we've got some. Is a best of show as it is every week. You never tried is the best out of shell the Monday you know what we've got a great sort of shows next week aren't talking with chemical bomb bowels or he started both astrology and ancient history. Four or forty years and talking with him and the list just goes on around so. You know doctor knowledge on Tuesday. Doctrinal action Charles Wright whom. Has built one largest collections in the world of fascinating facts and stories that serve as a source for knowledge in a nutshell that's a book series. He served as news director and sports spirit director for radio station Pittsburgh who's got a lot of experience in journalism analytical stuff and Wednesday Paige MacKenzie YouTube star and a New York Times best selling author behind the enormously successful so ensuring girls series. Sorrow. In a month are paranoid and don't know either but I do know. That astronomers. Are pretty excited about the fact that they're going to get their first closeup look. Direct view of a black hole. Really is very volatile. But it's bipartisan mission. Carrying us. It's intense and be more oil because he seems to have as his hand on all those things yeah. But for the first time in University of Waterloo physicist Avery Broderick says there could be visceral direct evidence. That these monsters in the night actually exist. Up until now black holes are mostly theoretical but they're talking about a super massive black coal. On dead these things work in the hearts of galaxies including the Milky Way where they can just completely devour stars. And any kind of interstellar. Planetary bodies they just consume them than they have so much gravity it's so powerful they just pulled in and completely destroy it. That's terrifying. And Morgan and they're gonna get to look at one the nearest wonder earth is about 25000 light years away so. You know we don't have to worry about it directly but to these things are massive and they're scary in the. Their they're out there thinking if things aren't. Soft drinks in him ramble more calm her guts to lose by maybe I don't know. But be. You know in shark NATO that it's crazy things I tried it and it what Chardonnay and a 42 or something now in Europe to be of some women apparently think supply particular route. It's non meant sounds kind of far fetched but it comes with a man and as soon because you asked the question that you must have. While hoakea yes. Are pol for a powerful cyclone opponent Australia earlier this week apparently had a Storm Chasers. Chasing a lot more than just the storm if you think about it a five foot long bull shark was found. Miles inland. Inland inland yes that's in winter there right. A mud covered creature discovered sitting in the remnants of a puddle in the Australian town of error. By a journalism foot foot and a photographing me aftermath of cyclone daddy. It's not known if the animals listed in the air by the storm. And put there or costs in the floodwaters and forced far inland but. And we're talking almost five miles and landed that'd be pretty excessive for a fruit fled floodwaters noon by insisting that just and it's amazing while. The authorities in Australia posted images of the creature to their FaceBook page. Accountable Marmol. How incredible this was an also emphasized that these dangers may be. Lurking in these want him in the storms could be taken out by five foot long bull shark or you know or floodwaters. So they're not sure it's do you imagine that having a five foot long bull shark just coming out of that narrative. Know that that wouldn't be pleasant at all. Sharks a scary enough in the water and eight soon complain ME through the air samples search SA's officials now. Hum well I mean maybe maybe that's maybe than me and maybe there's a step in evolution and maybe they're starting to fear how to I didn't get out of the water and travel. It's funny my story from him sorry for next hour again features such. Associates just say it's a word current data for career paths don't forget the telephone numbers 8446877669. We're gonna try to take some phone calls later in the program for our guest a million negate. And also sup and FaceBook page GA FaceBook is is there we use it to communicate load heavy stuff bind like it. If you haven't Yemen she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality Oriole like the page are constantly updating it with the news stations were airing on across the country and a we just I would agree way for assault stay in touch as well. And if you're listening in any increase stations where across the US. A feel for it also just go to be on reality radio dot com. In click on the listen line joined in the online chats and interactive chat everybody usually in the and it's great community. And you tell us or for the let's say if you don't wanna listen on the stations so. On the option is yours yet is yeah. You can also stop it on the website and check out information about our guests by clicking on the guest we've got to. Bio information their plus links to get books or dvds or whatever I guess set an offer. Slapped me today your whole computer system craft I don't even money go there yeah I was trying to do something very very simple this morning with tech support and it turned out to be an eight hour ordeal that I'm still trying to recover from via mail but it was not fun tech support or do you talking it was an English fairly him barely English and then I ended up just switching over just a champion doing and can through chat instead of on the phone. And that was no better. Hello Michael tech support some realist except goes hello my name is odd bomb hits and I know that's not been always not at all so just come. I'm gonna Ari so of course can take a quick break we come back we'll be joined of their guest. A million can take a listen to listen to. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Am talking we really can change she's an author a psychic her website is immune he can Cade dot com we're going to be talking about. A number of books and actually the things talks about in the books. Learn how to communicate with animals Jeff if she has written a ton of books line whispers from the wild and straight from the horse's mouth telescopes on and on so it's going to be a great topic yeah let's bring ameliorate in a million well beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. Again I well and took her to be. Pretty well Larry the story you're telling air packs a court. After spending. That extra ports aren't accountable to each. I figure out there right that's a great comparison to make now you've got a number of books and just to highlight a few of them Jason just did but. Straight from the horse's mouth how to talk to animals and get answers the language of miracles a celeb a celebrated psychic teaches you to talk to animals. And whispers from the wild listening to voices from the animal kingdom icy pattern here a million. Yeah sure I'll have roared speaker which is for children. An insurance now and I have a bearing on current novel wound care. Called the worst act of our secret ugly to one shall. No I did for a while and then the book was stretched from wilder about my ventures around the world while manner. And you you're shocked story within. Credible do you know what happened and I are the first time when charcoal I you or I I'm gonna do that lack. Lime some assuming after a food a foreign land it was it was dead. Com yeah but is still bull shark to appear miles inland. You know and row right now older they're wondering if it. Was due to the flood water from his due to the actual cyclone pre and throwing it. But. You know it's just an amazing stories and think about it. Is an amazing story and an if you wanna keep sharks flying through the air light at the district of art in all our armed burglary or you'll have exactly that thing. Lands are. Out there that's out why it's not that I'm currently charts. Great shirt I mean I'm open arms. Started internal at and two out of books are written. That that they. Here is something and a scientist Albert. Or 4% are so that I think that's pretty optimistic. I. Night captured. That portrait. And countered that. I explore and if we're talking about or how about range is is lying dormant. And what are the things that I teach that it activating or match and to our. Current branch. Not anxious charm and being next out information. But are being that can see. Sure you difference between being able to get online and not being able to get. And having spent eight hours and Texaco or you know that frustration. Are all looking here it is that there. It's obvious attempt here it's obviously have a marsh and nations are. What you're working your cat here course. And well we can't. Over ride. We override the information currently drowned which are. Taking. Arabs here our promotion our power whatever it you know bidding and our tensions in the world. And I teach people how to get quite. How to finding part of their body. And it's actually sure you touched to us debt can Wear a ski star which he motion. And start functioning. Well actually at all currently over sharks and. Well and it it seems in animals are already so much more in tune with that and we are as people just for the fact. I I have a pulse all full of animals I have three dogs two cats. A bunch of kids so I and I consider them all wild animals and Lewis thought when it comes onto the dogs in all seriousness. The dogs seem to pick up your emotion how your feeling. Long before you don't even have to sing anything it's a sometimes I'll come in from the garage. Doing woodwork felt there. I'm may be aggravated about something and it's good dog seemed picked it up even before I open my mall it's there already and tune in tune to. There is too good to me you hinted to everything about mention. And it so it's a fact that we just need to somehow locked into that engage in tune with them money when I look at my animals I can tell. I can tell if my Australian Shepherd is is multi if he's happy affair or whatever but. And I'm sure I'm sure that that's something that comes over time. Having me and having the animals and just building connection what. It's a learned skill psychic ability as a learned skill. And if they aren't disciplined and being able to quiet in my why your merchant and they aren't. You're an. Chat or even in law. Wichita. And not have this self ought not be distracted not teach letting your mind go forward or backward. Making listener. Having any any sort of programmer in your mind. You're learning and those programs. Are you can add up. On the program that the animal. Are completed downward in your own body you to future. Crazy as this counts in I get a webinar today at site its language there cause and so I don't webinar today where all are showing that picture of march. The picture of a horse in Germany. And I cut students online that they are simultaneously. In England Switzerland a court re. All over America all over the UK. Oh and looking at a picture switching your picture hours. They're able to get key hail. Coolidge discourse it's fair to other parts what are her dad's car. Are cute dogs were kinder and their political power. To you about it in and start. Involved. And that's really are actually practiced with it but it the human range being in charge tires at ER. We're almost like camera caterpillars that are eating at least from under our feet. And that caterpillar hadn't actually. Pretty eager following die. Or to be able to form a crick published and then patch into something more beautiful. You have that opportunity. And as humans we have a bit Britney to use like captain Andrew Mitchell an astronaut who was my mentor. Called an emergency faculty. And the evolution of him that's what he called psychic. Now we really like yeah hold that thought right now we're gonna to pick up we come back from break it's beyond reality read your guest is in new. Bill. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. There are chains on TV channels and so everybody along when you're listening on a local radio station or online we will need to the program. Yes and if you're listening on local radio station mission you pedal to be unrelated radio dot com click the listen live at least during the online chat with less time is great community of people energy Avian I arrows in we take questions from their foreign guests as well. The talk in a lot about pets right now on unknown on the chat room and in honor of our guests tonight Mili can Kate again. Me thanks so much for joining us and I'm. I apologize for cutting you also abruptly there we had a hard break we had a tape when he just pick up where you left off and continue on continue with what you're saying. Sell outs that line mentor. On the national name anchor match who went back on shipments last year. And founded the institute of science and that was stripped first into extra eager to study where. I know you had at some point. We have a literal rocket science. Science this time he heard a professor. And a man who in. They're trying re design space station in a star. But to do chips. Did. You know occupy Saturday. You know. I had an incredible. Honor of being able to write language America and Alan my short. And Gatwick awhile I'll open story where that tiger sanctuary. Council or. And NBC nightly news and it sanctuary. And I. How to conversation with a tiger or aren't meant to tiger. And turned the camera and that he's having problems in this teacher is a smaller and all the other tigers and even there. Black Jack or animal alliance or can the happened. Today are currently the department tighter. Tiger was still dripping blood from her. So what we're talking about here you. See you. More information. Then we can talk her out. And and I do mean allowed to it because if you carpet camera the children. You know how Smart to view they are how they can she. And children and hit their time to answer. The air out all sorts. A may gain since Clinton. Both emotionally until where they're trying not to pressure. The lecture don't touch when he talked about the ultra reading. And we hit one kind of animal or other animals weren't by traction great eight. But all. Of the street you are the crest at speaking much. And their thinking and feeling and understand why we're speaking English Japan they understand. If it application and parents to understand your Archie Portugal at a camp. People don't understand at. And old are so patiently. Because here we happy being at her body. A chilling and devotion and unconditional love friendship and I were shedding no matter what you're doing. Your dogs not even. Couldn't really know what are cheering for you express it coming they're creatures. They are art art cheerleaders are psychiatrists there medication each artwork out coached. Everything in their power to try to live up to. I. I'm sponsoring. Are a revolution around world. Where we're including animal. Spiritual practice. Now you wouldn't just go to church to pray. We take that time when you're dog. And whether you are lucky dog sitting in terms or at. Worst you're not aging spirit. It divine creator they've created Campbell. And the fact that the consciousness and that that. And it. I mean acknowledging that she expects pitcher to create a bridge where I'd do current our communication. And everybody who are has at least one magical story. Where they're all murder capital of course wreck their mind. I hear it every day. Before they get an indication of the dog Google can't actually should bring big push you out. Taking about current law. So showing her how talent protecting art they're. Our Irish Arctic Ocean they're reading records here. And we are being seen. Creating problems in care. So we are not as likely. To an armed attack and say lucky on everything a match. You are the most shocking uplifting smear it. And if there's any color or acute we. Can help and it. And an error spirit it's her ex did a magic structure. All the sudden when he Bjork Keats church to pay and you start to come. Can. You possible that's coming here. But did you go get it confirmed it take to catch that tried to pack English decay. The issue we're able to peel term they are partner saw it in action in a language. Well I definitely agree with you with what you're saying Allah the dogs and you'll you'll think about something and bell. Employee told me leash or my or any of those weird things that I know I sat there. Just alone watching TV and thought you know I says Patricia piece of pizza stone at the cross stands again on gives us a talker when he comes or I'm sure is that sure enough here comes my Australian Shepherd walking right up like he he knew I was gonna give a talk. And that my dogs never. I did ever do anything like that so that's one of those rare things where. He sits there and do you think well I'm I was just thinking this and just came in from the other rumor it was with the with my son's. For this so he considered they're definitely picking up things from a us. He heard here and we have ability to hear our. It's it's a matter are Learning Channel. Can make time market discipline. Sit down wit charm and learn. How. And how to exchange and most of the IIP. That they're only that create a bridge. They're a wave of energy coming out you know. We humans are constantly and were telling our thoughts were thinking and out our Bonnie actually an air frequency. Frequently. Can be pulsing. The idea of change. And that's how I'm gonna pick up on package. Or wherever you are cancer or animal great. That cut is gonna happen exactly as saying. Actually terms. If your dog keep mixing up her favorite underdog that. Moved away a greatly needed to agree on action aimed to her column. As she made her if she had cancer. So learn. It just didn't color in this emotional what's going arched it's just a matter of stroke and current tensions start we start. Eating more constructive and then trust in Mecca. We're constantly terms. And we have to learn how to take an up and hadn't been a part of the brain. Kolb got. And try to feel something in the start of this problem when your kids. Feel it. I joked. At your job. Or maybe you're gonna get a weight and fat. Are a wait and see here. Knowing that something happened to them at school today in order knowing that kind gonna come home at the cars that go well armed knowing that there. Goalie what ever the issue. You're not ways. Only you learn how to listen more clear and try to. Then you'd find Winger that aspect years in your body and you start. Building. And then you puke that foundation. For you or into action. And then by the time you're really learning how to communicate with a you're gonna start kicking up partner fox connect. Milieu we've covered a lot of ground and pretty quick period time here on someone to take the conversation back and learn a little bit more about you. When did you first discover the had no I don't know if you consider them abilities or skills or. Maybe calm something completely different when did you first realize you could do this. By early twenties anyway. A complete and total. And I think that's why I'm. Being able to Wear these books and that's why are Solectron intriguing books and now. The web site Kia ranked school all scanner a a lot into it people were just born now. And they don't question it and they don't break it down and processors brokers a cal lead to even analyze. And I learned quite by accident from scratch. From all in the name Beatrice like Decker who actually armed current job. I eat a lot. Cushy red cap on line town. She was teaching a workshop of that as I had no idea people could talk I didn't believe. The whole skeptic. I expect to see her and she absolutely. Blew my mind. Yes she she says in in the circulating Rattan. That same place to sleep is in my again on the back but peach color arm chair that's covered hours. It overlooks a good day window and crossed street and on top of my cat goes over there expect. How many people have repeat charge arm chair and right and court couch covered him like twelve hours. That orchestrator thanks to the hoopla was across the street and I approached Cuba cone of error in making that barks. But she saw all my problems with huge blow up now it'll wreck that it would go ops like. Fire alarm every outlet at about it out of our ability. Chief salt all my problems shifted that I don't edit the girlfriend. Wouldn't the last letter I wanted to do. And is now the first bit and I thank you are captured in colonies. In a dark and capture are hacking at all. And it all the proper on how the aero I'd be. Here. I need somebody to talk to they can talk to each error. But I learned quite suddenly. In the seminar. And I can bring. I have my cell in the body of the dog that was brought in as our our subjects you know you usually opening chapter strict now. And I found myself inside your body. You mean across the actual running toward big black dog behind a chain and at a bigger home that are right under huge pine tree. And I started hearing her options lie hacked. And I start hearing or say about that question their heads are. Up and she sent him. It occur at pop it up with a wanted to happen. Action. Shelly here. And then she shows me a neighbor's done well. And then I heard my mind previously announced. I have the ability taken him for patient transfer work. Which is not that unusual that Scott Cabrera and we all hatch and intuitive bullish running an arm are. This is just a way of logging on. Separate that into bully is cute one. To my own internal. So I hear word. And she said to me if I could have puppy or it happened. But mother actually into wards and I had to leave the cost of friends there. Angst but the white pine tree and my call and mother got leakage can take care on the net. And I found myself in her bond villain to all these sweet intact. Recovering from history. I'm glad I legally dead next to Gary dark car and I would cry shaking it had been you doing automatic writing I know. I took no action he. She could hurt everything I expect. And I realized that for what ever read. My ability it would just. Waiting to. Get launched. And I'm finding now with. Students all over the world and I've been on the world to a seventy years. Let's talk about it let's let's talk about the world tour we give back we have to take quick break Emilia we're talking with the merely can Qaeda her website is a million NK dot com. A lot of books will talk about those as when we come back. As well it's beyond reality rating to listen to the pro. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Yeah shows beyond reality radio Jayson home and Stevie Johnson. Thanks everybody for joining us or guest tonight is really contained in the milieu we were talking before the break about you world Torre to sort of tell us about it. Here is Andy really exciting. I cut too Far East plan and it still open records are totally chilled. They'll get to let her records are Korean. And actually huge and I've been getting evening out from Korean children telling me a lot actually. The current favorite. EM. I don't preach you know I'm not I'm not going into countries telling people what to do or what T. More tried shame anybody I get offered her the Villa the F. Debt animals are intelligent. Feeling thinking loving. Me. And that would we need cant wait accent. Frequency. We're able to pick up more information. But can't we are now resonating Hank preclude ticket. Started really picks and why your television and computer work. They have to locate that email address in order to down. So we're learning how to hit our. The program that the of the other Indians. And start functioning each as if we were in harmony with nature of the other animals on. And it all go on here to teach in Switzerland and England and back here in LA. My CU exciting tract tissue all peaches and oddly I got invited to Cecil line. Toward that most secure it. Shall cry. Killed by an American net test and she looks quite a local celebrity and the line here is really. And something that itself Crowe meg not settle credibly commit that we need to grow completely. And I I have a new charity can't archangel. By our our. Schools and world community and Africa. In this case and take some volunteers for the first time. And they'll go weekly arts are where I'm teaching them our top Al arts. Lions leopards. Crocodiles. Skip Bo and buffalo but. That oh. Every other being added to shine its light cart and he snapped at the highest concentration of wired. World. When you are ready to come to our college to come out prey or it's. And let me show them act. It would put their right way where we're greeting Al essential alliance with respect. Then we take their picture we immediately got. It sir we've got about a minute before we have to break I just I. I know I know that we've these stern breaks and I do have one quick question then I think you can answer quickly the most noble picked up and we get back from the break but is this a telepathic. Ability is that we're talking about. We're talking about Aaron. EST. We're excited about being able to exchange. Saw. Emotions and say it that more because I also can rent a body can try to Atlantic your body. A couple of medium share ever been talking animals and crops are. He doesn't have any of the patient and everybody. Are in addition everybody and learn how to do. Well how do you currently talent. Reward gonna pick all of that up when we come back from the top of the hour break it's beyond reality reading your guest. As a mealy Kincaid don't go away we've got a lot more it's Jason and Gigi in news is beyond reality radio telephone numbers in full force succeed seven. 76. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on. Beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah. And real ingredient GC cause TV Johnson again. Rachael horrid tonight Cheney yes it's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday in the East Coast and if you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality revealed myself Jason cosmic cohost GB Johnson and tonight we've got a great show or me talking with Emilia Kincaid. In the language of miracles program which teaches you to talk to animals in actually get answers. We've got pretty much a full full well tomorrow night we got into Jozy Fargo and the author from known for writing. About the afterlife and her latest highlights death bed phenomenon. And that's if that's going to be really extinct has united both spent time. Sort of in that realm javy and and mentioning here which has to say and we've got a tough questions for. Yeah and that Freddie and of course is a best of show we do that every Friday night picked a couple the best hours from the preceding week in media replay those for anybody who might have missed them. And then Monday night we'll bring Kenneth browser in he studied both astrology in each in history for over forty years he began his astrological studies as a tropical list but soon switched to the side real camp can as a personal service astrologers and a longtime columnist for her columnist for American astrology magazine. So we'll have a lot talked to us to Canada. And if you haven't yet diamond she had owed FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. And also had a beyond reality reviewed dot com you can now listen to the show lives right there join me online chat room great community very welcoming individuals. If you download the show which. A lot a lot of people download the show I do us a favor. Just read for a semi tunes are reviewed downloading and that it that it did helps really push it forward to get adulterer for everybody to easily find. So AGB aren't so the first hour or shared that story about the that Sharpton appeared to him multiple miles inland from the cycle not. Answering parent while I what would you think of it to do you could someday just be walking in and die by getting killed by catastrophic and I think that's been pretty crazy thank you she can have both you know I'd pick I didn't die but yet this can happen to me you'll happened to Florida cat fish fell from the sky. Crashing through a screen and into a Florida missed a family's pool. Wow yes it's Winter Haven Florida and just about everyone especially in Florida has a big fish story of course but Leonard Interpol. Has arguably the best story at all. As it pulled and so excited when it happened Monday night idiot too cold Winter Haven police department report when it happened. Even the woman took Nicole on the call is just flabbergasted gaga. He it's that you're not gonna believe this but a fish dropped out of the sky and it's been might pull. This is what he told the complete and what he told the police department and also a fox thirteen news out there. They're pulling his wife for just sitting down to watch reruns of old Lawrence welk show on TV yes that's right when they heard a big boom outside of Iran outside final hole in there there are ten to campus. And a big catfish doing laps in their pool. Yes yes you heard the current from the officer David news they're really confused they think that maybe it was a rather large bird flying overhead that. That lost and lost its hold on the staff finish but. That's that's just fought in or otherwise it rainy Katherine shouldn't. I mean an amendment both of your stories tonight been removed whatever policy we stressed that very issue I don't know if they may be sign of the apocalypse I don't know. I'm as we said coming up our guests will be a million can cages and author a psychic her website is Emilia Kincaid dot com. She's written a number of books including street from the horse's mouth the language of miracles and whispers from the wild that's all about how to communicate and how we should be. Paying attention to in communicating with our. Animal Brothers. Sisters which is something I vote on and it's always really interest to me especially being such an animal lover myself because I've got three dogs two cats. My children weren't sure are crazy as well so just to be able to communicate with them and it didn't have a connection I think is really important. Yeah and we'll be bringing turn just a moment bring to take a break it's beyond reality radio our telephone number by the way is it 446877669. With a deadly Colin and be part of the net discussion. Town at matches. Our GP Johnson's so nice to everybody when this welcome everybody in chat it's a listening and local radio station somewhere in your area we thank you for doing that. And should be staying tuned if you're looking for radio station in your local area to carry the show because of a bunch is of them coming on over the next several months and the numbers are climbing pretty significantly. Yeah every week grading more more stations across the country unite and Ridnour and port forty major markets as wells a ton of other locations as well so. If we're not in your area yet chances are we will be soon within the next normal what's the next few weeks or the next couple months on board game like we said we're having a mom. A couple stations every week so you see that list and beyond reality radio dot com or. At FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And debts and I were talking about animals the importance of and how to communicate with them. Our guest is a million Kincaid Emilia is an author a psychic her website isn't nearly contained dot com. She's authored many many books including straight from the horse's mouth the language of miracles and whispers. From the wild Emilia thanks so much for joining us some beyond reality radio. Hillary. I'm so glad that you are open minute and a half yeah. Well in the name of the shows beyond reality rated power and we we caught our eye. And and do I have to be open minded as I did died did the show ghost hunters for twelve years in my life and in and I've been investigating the claims of the paranormal for. Thirty years now so believe me these these topics are very dear my car in a million before we get too much into this subject matter well there's an 800 pound gorilla in the room that we got to ask you about youth you had quite an interesting career. As an actress. I get it and I talk prep for the first are. Out. There and work I've got an capture about tiger. And about why can't rue McClanahan who has the gold and oh yeah of course. She played ball ranch on the golden girl and we had a miraculously. Healing. Binding. My. Conventional. Route to pretend she was. And she was in a coma at our I had the honors me to last year her life before she crops Joker. Am captured without tiger Matt not to tiger mentioned that the world knows. Which is where unfortunately they're being poached almost. Minute we have. And that a year tigers honor of your car while. Aaron. Well into two Chinese medicine they're making. Little have shot up every bit of its hiker from at least two parts to it. Ears to trail. And very differently you're feeling this kind of action and that's honoring. What kind of reference that they occur with the lobbying now and respecting that are protecting. Coming. Huge paradigm chair out and treat danger herbal. Phil. I'm. Currently considered junk out there read that but let's find out how shall I can't wait. We actually called ma. But I certainly screw me I'll never hurt that she wondered hot here. How her body was paralyzed in the dark are straight it's I'm more she won at each and every right ditched her. And I can't picture a lion or tiger collar worker writer and I see. And started screaming over hurt her or rigueur tiger that you are a human mind eager hikers. You're and we got Shia to cool app be it we shot it. Shell can grab. Well she be com how her body on him mobile. Edged Smart right leg came he shouldn't care. And next time mark which came out without college English in our shoes and therapy. She could Wear her right side or like mention that he's not. Hikers off. You know reach out collapsed. They she knows her hand. So one of the things and introduce him chat is only. A huge animal in situations where you can get. There in harm's. Augment your childish and your child's not an election and you wanna stay in a ball. And get that picture arts and I'll show beanie or. Earnings will look at all. Whatever. You know empower and Jill. You category nap and do. That hostile road or at your kids can halt. A whole new way. Of using power. Really works. Didn't the next chapters about. Ellis in Africa. What I it's telling you what sort of break in at second are still open. Ugly safari in all our arc in the world with options more into a lot. Shouldn't walk through the lobby while you're sitting there eating. And it rained through a lot you can bet on the cover of National Geographic cultural. I Animal Planet is special kind of turned and beat Alice trends Armani or personal Allison. Is my elephant or. So we're talking about a year and group outside Allison. Will be waiting around Mac can't. Oh my plane. They won't be in the can't well liked playing it our way to rein in an. Outward the plane lands. Get out and the guide will come brush here in the early. That alaskans have been waiting here. They don't aren't gonna would be. For hi Alex. Had I don't know we step in actually hurry. And it will be wherever I look out could be. And there are stories there are having wild around the turn on the a La question did she has our report would not very welcome. And the owner to placed in the chicken. Colonel our art trial while I don't want anybody to know what a litany. She she can and it a lot of there. Report by the minute. And finally in occur should wait to. I interpret a lot of action naughty or. Cheat her or has it looks and apps in just don't let that side by. She crossed come hockey. Team Richard Trumka grabbed my bank. And she started hissing match way she'll be idled elephants. Batter. He's going to be waiting car. And that chapter on the great white sharks. At the chapter on why ill. Get a chapter on black Bob the eight avid chapter rugby. Also what. They're conservation and problems. What charity can you support shortly or mine. What the going to school and possibly can't. Drawing a line and making up theater about coaching at Cherokee so to. Understand there are options. And get back either story out like start in three out when he hit score. In the secular and in deep in part to. Teach your kid who just won an Oscar for a coach but he was backpack I'm the most celebrated. Special thanks sky. Keep me and special effects make for 27 hours. It remains to day I think it's. Hollywood Records. And keep spark me into its dirty tricks. I think you've seen the scene. I don't look remotely. Human. I can't. Compare. Keeps it teeter are quick to turn to contact Asia. I had 56 different pair sang. Just want cures plastic and it'll convert it prosthetics and pay. Dot I look like Kermit the Frog. I'm very proud of network occurred a lot of in nineteen working wish dangerous wild animal. And part of the fact that I made those or I am sure our. I am the wicked militants. Colonel David nick and everybody by. A car I. Did. Okay. This day is contender ugly she considered scare her right where to kill or go to a I. I wouldn't play here she is try to make a living in the world. The people who are encroaching. Ever call. She can't danger occur. She and it says she's naive she deserve our love and protection. I didn't paint and I show arched. I've seen way that maybe their misperceptions about animals but even in May love their at 88 fall and are being read HR. A law or are by and get a tourniquet act. Debt we are right. Touch and have their own prejudiced. And you don't rescued and are great at. We want our right now go independently chill out there. It will start seeing the beauty and out of being. That we trying to warn your protection. We certainly need to their feeling it giving him more credit should translated and made a lot more like a rock or maybe they're better. You're to Alter better. They are the absolute can't cents a devotion and country in terms. Milieu we've got about a minute before we just take another break here I want to ask you about the word whisper I know that it's used a lot of your things like dog whisperer hoarse whisper. Is that what you do is that what we're talking about here is at the same thing is that something different. Well each and say hey Rick we're taking our club our high near Lynchburg I'm not delicate extra unarmed black album which. You know being able to function and they cheer and air legal program. Getting into the other. Nature sure. Well it in each acre lot more they are great I can compare her. And again people are excellent miracle institute dot com actually yeah sorry. Just got to take it you're you're training teaching. Left and deprivation can execute all creek. We cracker and ask cutting edge technology. Whole picture and people can crack at home. They can lower home prices are reasonable. And they can start learning how to talk to Aaron and actually getting. We're gonna take a break when we come back I wanna ask you specifically about the language of miracles institute you offer a lot there and don't get in some detail. Don't forget we've got some great shows coming up tomorrow night we've got to Jozy Vargas she's a well known author. She writes about the afterlife and her latest book is about death bed phenomenon that's going to be quite a discussion. And an IRA disarmament it from wasn't armor calm and every Friday is a best of episodes summation you tune in catch the best episode of the week. Come Monday we've got Kenneth browser he studied both astrology and ancient history for over forty years. He began his astrological. Studies as a trop tropical most phenomenal that is. And find out so yeah I guess will be fine and pound on Monday it's O are you listen Jason dvd unreal. Here are strange pin and controversial. Interest in talks. Well we do our best. Picture or two anyway we have fun. We've got some great shows coming up for the rest of the week so tomorrow and I'd be Jozy Fargo be talking about her book she writes about the after life. And her latest book is about death bed phenomenon and of course front nine. He account. Wells are joins us armed him. And to me he's studied both astrology and ancient history for forty years remember talking with them on a bunch of different things and it just on full week next week of a great chose to make you tune in. Lot of good stuff coming up or telephone numbers 8446877669. And tonight our guest. But protect him and animals of dharma communicating with animals it's a million can Cade she's an author a psychic her website is a million Kincaid dot com. Some of the books that we've been talking about straight from the horse's mouth how to talk to animals and getting answers. The language of miracles celebrated psychic teaches you to talk to animals and whispers from the wild. Listening to voices from the animal kingdom again a million thanks so much for joining us so why. Turn that discussion move it to the language of miracles institute you offer a whole bunch their toes a little bit about what that's it involves. You're you're really exciting. So incredible. I lecturing around the world view. And it's our seventy years and include record to nine country. Create and they're on line when he reached the world. So that you can't sit in the privacy of your own home. You can only you can buy art our program got at each election currency and we started today dateline went and our country or now or clinic pack and the country are etched etched. The whole world all animal loving world. Other people are super Coker open minded and and carrying and I'm loving and adorned her animal when you do it online. So it's inter Coleman community archangel. ARK. Which is what charity XT archangel exercise. We've caught for the first time ever. Come to people well. It can't firm expo and how cool we. Taking action here sticky action. It. Or should it. Will. So controlling what it. Don't think a miracle institute. And I also think the legal side of that happening sister. I. The institute dot com hey look at all aren't operating year. There's audio you can learn how to connect with you're there. All you can learn how to connect to the animal it happened at a cost over. And all huge amount you know here either of these at a it Colleen perhaps a year is you're talking about the ghost stories. Give grants if you're listening I adore you. It would come to call me from another era sure I. Am. I got Hahn. He went in just sort of Peters who is just actually. I keep count that the man. Serious and this is big growth in our that's our charmed. Lightweight little fairy chasing high cheery guy. She. Didn't agony that culture is Kara has has passed. And he felt responsible for it and he'd mr. And I am lucky gal on the story we camera well I looked down at their managerial package at a date where I'm at pumpkin. And I connection and that two universe that is shaken. And then I saw the cat I'd. It has October that was on the side and actual scene. Or the way with a cat pumped. I don't actually looking out into cereal box that's how strongly sometimes intuitive information car. He said I have another cat who died. In this part and and you had to leave. And that was the way we need to connection Catlin Arctic or not. Relatives you know crying. I think pat go current economy. She looked at how William Waldman that was one of the grand matters. So it's. I admit I look closely to capture or what she what they eat curry got blue. I shouldn't where you don't eighty. Did you know at spirit little boy can be ordered at. I think that no let them know restricted or restrict. He hoped two weeks later at found out who was finished. Get it out at that will she put two weeks pregnant cat tell me country's credit Robert Opel. The grandmother. His grandmother haven't changed. Just keep taking pictures I see it for. Dare I. I wanted. And she sure in the photographs. On the car. It looks to incur black and white Shelly got it all changed any case here's a about the because I had an NYPD why. Keep it retired. Not a police helpless her presidential speech. You wouldn't get any more heavily in. And he's telling me is keen to get hacked into. Our. While. Yeah we. So what a beautiful thing about it is that people who never had a star I'd get human around. Her. Agent she at all. Or tactic in here that cat purring and edit I market dark dark and they are here they're meaning about their animal. All teacher warrant our death and dying of the country. Decade only to trade at cats they can do great irony. I. Hear it launched a chance there's no I think yeah. That internal Skinner returned for tapper good luck goes on our our. And I do believe you are. Or as they arms you're gonna get back. Are not that I am sure that soothing for a lot of people big question that's been asked Elton abide by many countless stars of the show tonight. It is is there a way. In how well they've been mainly they wanna know com. The best way to pick a pet. So are doing is there's some sort of a way even when you when you're going in you see all these animals. And he and is there a way to really know which one clicks with you. Going to be a heart connection. I it also going back to that. Question at chart that I occur at a group. Everywhere eagle all over the world people swear that at the animal they just. They know each other armed try each pitched a love at first try. She and even instant immigrants an animal that you have before in the new body. Or should start dealing definitely. Interfering a track overwhelming. Jill. That he can't get her. And ready do you like your dollar. Guess there's Lubbock Super Bowl at the numbers and there's just something about that thing. And that you go get him at a high. You've got to go back again you have to grab one and the you know hugging. It's it's all. Well I could say tool to my dogs the big thing I have always spend Nam before I had my Australian shepherds a German shepherds that it passed palm. But I've always been one of those people were idle the dog in the eyes I gonna have the dog look me in the eyes and you know then because I think great then you kinda. You can connect with the dog and a point of trying to understand it's temperament and everything else come and and I've got Australian shepherds now one of them and they're just trying to. The court rules are. And they and I've got to I've got two of them in the end they're just phenomenal dogs sort of like human like intelligence when it comes down to them and also have another dog witches. Cattle and she was a wild dog convention who received from idol show wow Tennessee she was while truly three. And I got a mainly because I wanted to user who wolf and first off and we won the dog but we wanted to user on my television show goes out. And so I used on the show for many years because the fact of the matter is her being wild. On. Is she wasn't already. She didn't already experience all high magnetic fields and things like that so I felt bringing her into place first off she's wild she can she can protect yourself and has some of these locations real into. Where there's a lot of wild animals and stuff. But also the fact that she hadn't done been exposed to high amounts or anything like that. I wanted to see how she'd react to these scenarios that she's a phenomenal dogs while on. And just want the best temperament should never you'd ever experience especially seeing that she was wild. You wouldn't expect that you'd expect some adult and it has like a dominance. Attitude just because that's how how they're trying to survive out there. And that she's been she's been great too but yeah I I agree that there's has to be that connection you wouldn't you do feel that when you when you see these animals. Not Khalil and burn center in the regular personal and they really are. And David if I'm reading a photograph actually instituted article it's going to be there aren't respect each picture into their high. And here bright sky high art a way into their external. And it there's another one of those stories start with spears at the story that we haven't suction about a while. To catch. We you know it's a cumulative knowledge from the past. Forms are our world view that aren't necessarily sure based wind park. Is incredibly maternal and loving and actually she. Whether she had been born into our domestic fare Rio where she went wild wreck she. And it could be any better with channel stern chairperson of the best. Tomlinson a phenomenally towns we wanna be didn't take kids spills accused Kelly don't hold the dog playing on him so he sent out. The million illegal and all we've only got a few minutes and I know him. I flushed but I but I. I wanna cover I wanna cover. Mean that the dominant talk you'd tackle the conversation went a bit about. How we help people couldn't can learn how to do this themselves it's what you talk about in your books as what you talked about in and Samir seminars. On and basically where you're saying is that anybody can learn to do this right. It's part of ER. I mean we have the ability here we can keep him hate we patched. And only happened to mutilation part of our body architecture is even more heart but a chance. What I do and it was conception of first checked before they can speak English. It's part of who. Were McCain indicates and much purer part of well we're learning how to get turned off patent shall match beer and our dictionary term can carry it. And Warren truck Panama turned into open minded rhetoric trying to change. Strict marching out the first book that partly out all the story that actually studies. I'd just gotten into the other types like an Eric Burke. All those distractions. Grant program there close co written by and captain and are more about an extra syllable about an animal emotion and the afterlife and how to find mixing animal. Wonderful thing people they're part practical. And then went from a liar and you out while our call her rescue wild animal. What we can do to really step up and more responsible Steward traders aren't. The chance and then the what we can do change are now she might argue. We have to step up so that we can start Linux and and start expanding our coverage to include more. Are huge language America against Tuukka dot com that's our goal is people can they can. Take care of the program and start making aren't acting like. In all to see much charity archangel and and hopefully trying to quit or work Africa. They Helmer safari and it's no wonder why don't put that number. So I a lot of exciting stuff color. It sounds great and we wanna thank you for coming on the show now we have links to your books on the beyond reality radio website and the guest page where else can people find them on your website as well and maybe Amazon. On and a car for sure and all I'm sure other people that need reading and it and what catcher burst dot armor which there. Are com. I can't remember all that animal in the and it'll take you right. That's great thanks so much for coming on hang on Elvis and I mean we definitely got to talk again at some point. It sure can actually. Who enrich you talk about. Yes two hours just not enough to cover it but you have a great night and we'll definitely we'll talk again. Thank you are. Think I'm trying to thank you immunity can keep in cage and would take the break. I missed it's that was a close call your recovering nicely but good thing we got here for that emergency surgery when did it. I feel great now though and here's the bill for insurance didn't cover woods. Well there goes another one. All listeners got lunch in ten minutes craft. Business. Ever have to be you go to the hospital for a little surgery only to be stricken by huge bill like this will not anymore with the crowd go home surgery can tell us have. You must sign that doctor wanted 200 dollars a look at me a couple of minutes later on the Internet I was pretty sure in my. It's quite grab it's grab and go home surgery can we got for Christmas in twenty minutes later we are on our way to dinner at the dark and cleaner position it well at the moment thanks crap. Got an estimated 3700 dollars for circumcision house able to do Hamas Olson comes to my old Democrat goes home surgery Q after couple monitor affections I was moving around like around our welcome our mosque Mac and and my wife she was real happy thanks crap go with the crowd going home surgery team you can perform most council surgeries in minutes and boarded this special add on packs for even more costly because like the the cardiac Rama the fourth Okaloosa Gary at your opinions and don't forget the home augmentation arsenal TV yeah. You wouldn't mind. At a school started no problem. Reminds me and said that the critical surgery to get to the augmentation arson can see him he's American Media isn't that thanks for that cup. Rental homes surgery kit normally. Retails for 9995 forward today and you'll receive the whole. The whole surgery yet. The court the blues and done it and they decorative crappy OK after hearing that ended the poll for 1995. Graco insurgent attacks not recommended for surgeries in some cases may negate your life insurance for your life read your policy for details on side effects include removing the wrong organs started. And not Clinton's order yours today. All all all alcohol Barros sponsor crap oh million of crypto Donaldson oh great great product we've got a great show coming up tomorrow night. And Jozy Vargas author known for writing about the afterlife and her latest violates deathbed phenomenon we're going to be talking about and Friday like usual it's a best of some makes you tune in catch a show that night. If you haven't yet over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal like the page and if you do download the show to listen to it later on just from iTunes or every you do that rate from beyond reality radio dot com. Just to his favor and read it helps push it forward let's everybody find it easier for. You know we of course want you to stop by you the website as well and we thank everybody for doing all of those things on this funky still taking emails I think he said he was his so she got a question for the amazing for Iraqi. Mean she knew he sounded notes sent go to be unreal to radio dot com email slick Eddie. The question and will senator over hockey form and he give you a reading but again thanks to our guests Emilia TK for hanging around talking with us tonight. Mean she tune in tomorrow and all next week's great shows plans you'll send Jason and TV be honorary degree do you have children. And yummy ingredients produced by stupidity ignorance in platoons went Alexandria Johnson's intercom media. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio emails to sleep Eddie and that's slick Eddie ED DY. At beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.