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Thursday, June 1st

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Good morning and welcome. Five road show not a large stretch and progress is 906 time Jarrett rusty but I prestige pays Jewelers woody dancer. He is always yes. And listen to shout out Richard no drama he is our officer with the city of Milan to a police department and he's this guy seller. Program winner. He's a recipient a nominee I guess I should say our first one because the program began to do. And today the first thirty year so we're not putting a shining a spotlight on these folks first responders. And guy and it's Richard pilgrims for today thanks to fort vocally and European realty for sponsoring that are in the studio I guess some very special guests would meet. I've got Scott mills and Brando body and the air from a company called the exact contents and a and a big open house tomorrow welcome gentlemen radeon fantastic things for honest and eight. Anything good did that happens that deals with veterans I want to do anything I can on my hand do tell these folks out in no I got a I got a buddy out in Melrose that takes some hunting fission in does all that. Are actually gonna be on earth hour event tomorrow actually ulcer and has. I've reached out to them and and they're gonna be actually had a Booth joining us because we believe that that you should have opportunities to do lots of things you know. Yeah one of them and in one of one of the primary things that your company does he is. You connect to veterans with the services that they need to expect explain further. Yes so weak fight for veteran benefits I mean that's what we do. We try and get as much information from our veterans as possible understanding that in every veterans entitled. To benefits oftentimes they don't even know that they are entitled to certain benefits so we we use a process that allows us to. Help them navigate the waters so to speak of the VA system. So that we can get them everything that they're legally and ethically entitled to for instance what it. What's a veteran is getting some but the treatment right now out but they don't feel like it's effective and they and there's nothing seems to be changing. Would you then also intercede and possibly help on that level as well. Well the main thing we really concentrate on is uncovering. Uncovering. Disability compensation benefits that they don't realize they have they're qualified for. Can you give me an example and clearly can't use now as we know and I like to use beyond you know the the guy that's sprained his knee. Jumping out the back of the truck. You know ten years ago before he got out he had 20% disability. Many happy with that 20% disability a race he gets 260 dollars a month. But an announcement for ten years he can't exercise the way he used to he's gained weight. He's got type two diabetes. See as you know sleep apnea. All of those things were caused by the need because he can't run exercise and do those things in those are secondary conditions that most. VAV. Yes sir is that the service officers. Don't have the medical knowledge to really uncover those for the bet. Where we do you have that medical expertise uncover those and tie that to his service to insure that he is compensated properly. Yeah because one might think you know they if he had diabetes gain weight will what does that have to do with your service connected injury but you've just tied it all together it is totally its idea path of this. And right so let me and this is just a part of what you do. Just a small part of what we do. Keynote so tomorrow actually having an event. And it's going to be an amazing event where we're actually gonna have many of our VIP veterans that we've been able to help mom get the there increased and and their compensation that they that they that they deserved. This is a big open house that you're gonna announce odd tomorrow. And that's gonna go on from 9 AM to 2 PM congressman Ted yellow is going to be very guys you know food and drinks. But one of this things it's an appreciation day veteran appreciation day. It's also a job fair yeah house Lou yet telling about the folks that you are looking for to come work for that company Penn. So the company ten is. Seeing some hyper growth right now home simply because. What we do is impacting veterans across the world. And because we wanna help so many. Veterans on and on a daily basis it requires more people to be in a building. And therefore you know we have positions that go from phone support. Talking to veterans on a daily basis armed you know putting their formation into the system and China. Navigate the waters of what documents we need from them because there are things that we're gonna need in order to you know create a a claim it's not justify claim. And then. From the next standpoint we're looking for an HR person that helped me out because our growth is still date we need interns that are going to be working all throughout the summer. Doing tasks that are important to us so we can. Build our business and have better understanding of how the flow of veterans are coming into us. Give me academy an example because many college students are looking for intern hours what would be some related fields of study. That would make for good in turn so a great field of study would be in business administration degree somebody who understands business. Because we're gonna have them do on business related things and all of our different departments from. You know. Justifying emails breaking those down into you know different categories so we know. How we can build our FAQ's so that we can be a little bit more up front on the on the front side of our calls Margaret has come in and so they might ask the same questions over and over again. And we haven't got that down yet so. There's a lot of different business aspects of business administration we need marketing department. Somebody an internal marketing team. To help us build videos so that we can send these videos to our veterans and they understand. You know what exactly. They should be expecting over the next few weeks months of our process and then we need medical people as well lots of them. We're talking a brand new body and Scott mills from that company Penn they've got a big open house tomorrow from nine to two congressman Ted gill is going to be there. Food drinks and their they're both look reaching out to veterans and helping veterans but it's also a job fair. And you don't have to necessarily be a veteran to apply for the jobs and I'm sure that that would probably help but you don't have to be a veteran you're just looking for good qualified people. We'll look for good qualified people veterans where we prefer veterans and because nobody can talk to a veteran like a veteran. And but that's not. Our end all be all and it comes to our positions we have a lot of non veterans working force right now in their fantastic. Why because they love. What they've done for our country and that's probably the biggest thing that we're looking for. Now now there's along with a what you're saying that they reserve there's a rub here and it is to meet OK why don't we need this company and clearly the need is there are but why do we need this company and it's growing you guys are doing a great job. Why don't we need dad for veterans why is it so hard. To work your way through the system I mean I guess it's government bureaucracy. Coming you could you can you can label that and there's. I would say that's the only way that that company pent. Is gonna struggle in the future is if the United States government turns around tomorrow and says that every veteran here you deserve this you can have this. So basically you guys have to go to work go to fight in some cases. To get the benefits. The things that they're gonna in the way you put it I like it medically legally and ethically or qualified for. Cecil right. And then will actually fight for them if DBA decides that there is the discrepancy they want to you know change their new decision. Yeah because wasn't there something. That had to do with disability and if you were a 100% disabled. That you couldn't get these other benefits are they you know EST you would get both. And now for some time has been kind of overlapping on are you familiar with that you know I'm I'm not actually familiar with that but a look into it okay. Yeah and the because we know look Vera. They're gonna cut corners is part of the problem on on that and but who suffers as a result of that it's veterans who is you know. There make a sacrifice is for us into animation they're taking care of I agree Scott what dubbed it tell me about what you do you're a veteran know liaison right. Yes sir and basically what you resign beyond IA I recruit bachelor recruit but I I'd link veterans with our organization. Might help them get into the system is for a strategic venturing. Get a strategic veteran is as as the organization that we. Will still free help them yet ever a strategy a strategy thank you so they can move forward in the process to wait a second how much does a service cost there's a veteran comes to you. I just a strategic investment strategy portion of it to uncover everything they're medically legally and ethically equal or Ohio or. Is zero dollars. However Fe N and they can take that strategy in they can file the claim on their own making geared to a BSO. Or they can choose to use us the medical experts to help them with their claims. There's no upfront cost to them there's no upfront risk and dollar fees are based on are the results we help them achieve OK but I mean and I'm a veteran also I'm a retired Tony you twenty years service spent sixteen years in the 82. I'm had multiple surgeries before I retired. When I retired I was thinking of cam and at least get 5060%. This and when I retired my initial rating was 20% I spent the next twelve years battling with the VA. And because I didn't know the law I didn't know the system. I didn't get far. It's been for a few years. A man of one of the partners the company. And he introduced me to whom I went through the process and within a very short amount of time they were able to help me. Not only get the the benefits that I deserve. But they were very quick on enquirer uncovering the ones I qualified for that I had no idea I had and that I did qualify. It now on Marion County today they are trying to make like what they call one stop center where veterans can get a lot of things taken care of within the confines of one building but I don't think that necessarily goes into the areas. Day you're talking about because you're doing what are you dealing with the folks are from Washington. So wet when you deal with you know the disability. Issues. So we're consultants and so all of our forms and documentation are filled out. By the veteran. We actually guide them to make sure that the the right ones and that they're doing is the right away. You know and they turn in the the forms themselves I mean when it comes to the VA the veteran himself still has to deal with the via. They're the ones are gonna receive the increased after the war. But you guys are like to hear your paving the road form absolute you're going to immediately be here's the directions here's which way you go turn left turn right. You left to our own devices are or the veterans left to their own devices and so we lost in this made right and so that's where the and that's recently as it comes into play. It's and that's writes how that's an all time this is a huge maze and if you want some assistance. We kind of danced in the past the you know it's it's it's really a phenomenal service. And I as a veteran and you can speak tons of veterans and they all tell you. The health care systems get a little better. But as far as the compensation side of it. It's extremely. Complicated to navigate the waters and and to have someone that will assist you with that that knows what they're doing is really refreshing. And because of that value we have grown from eighteen employees last year to over 86 employees as of yesterday. In one year wow X then we're exponential growth and you know so we grow we're probably gonna grow by another 30% by December of this year. And that's why we're having this job fair we wanna get the highest quality. Team members on board that have the same type of heart and passion for veterans that we all do in the building right now. Let's make sure everybody knows so when and where 9 AM to 2 PM tomorrow. All right this is going on in Jones bill. And you follow just like you're gonna sun country sports so if you were if you're going down no Newberry road. Headed toward new very slowly nasal area. You're gonna take a last and had like you're going to sun country sports center and you guys are located down there right designs all the wars and southwest 140 terrorists Newberry Florida I let me give folks a phone number here. 888. 9883837. And also their their website is set. Comp and then. This like I said it dot com and they can find out more information about what you guys do. About the jobs and all of that and especially of veterans who are not getting you know proper compensation. And the medical legal and ethical things that. Go along with a all that these guys are gonna direction healthier every step of the way absolutely wrong Larry eight. We appreciate you coming in and no we appreciate this says job fairs well can we see. Great opportunities. For folks and my guess they're congressman Ted yellows going to be there this is going on from 9 AM to 2 PM tomorrow and Jones bill. He's that confident then it's their veterans appreciation day and jobs fair. And got my guests have been Scott mills and Brandel Bonnie thanks gentlemen for coming and thanks for what you do thank you so much for having us on air remembered your medical professional. I'm seats there you go out. Nine Toyota Bob Rochelle when we come back we've got a lot to talk about including. Sinkhole in new buried what's the status.