VP Pence talks healthcare in Jacksonville rally

Mike Pence says healthcare reform will help business move forward

March 20, 2017 - 3:32 pm

JACKSONVILLE (by Alan Spector/FLA. NEWS NETWORK) -- Vice President Mike Pence, during an appearance in Florida on Saturday, said the Trump administration will become the best friend of American small business.


Speaking at a paper company in Jacksonville, Pence told voters that healthcare reform will help business move forward.


"Just the other day, I joined President Trump to listen to hard-working Americans who've suffered from these broken promises about how Obamacare is standing in the way of not only their company's aspirations but also the hopes and dreams of the people that work there and desire to work there," Pence said.


The vice president touched on topics ranging from health care to the president's economic agenda.


The House is expected to vote on the GOP's proposed healthcare bill on Thursday.


Democrats and some conservative Republicans have expressed opposition to the measure.


But Pence pointed out support from Gov. Rick Scott.


"Obamacare was, in his words, 'sold on a lie,'" said Pence.  "In his typical plainspoken way, Governor Scott said, 'It just plain doesn't work.'"


Pence added that state-based solutions are the best thing for healthcare nationally, and compared healthcare to car insurance in the sense of letting people buy across state lines.


"Probably won't be too long before you see Flo and some little lizard on television, selling health insurance," the vice president said.  "And that's the American way."

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