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First lady Melania Trump to speak about children at United Nations luncheon

September 20, 2017 - 7:17 am

(NEW YORK) -- First Lady Melania Trump will host other first spouses of world leaders at a United Nations luncheon on Wednesday.

The first lady will deliver remarks that, according to early excerpts provided by the White House, will shine a spotlight on vulnerable children around the world.

"Together, we must acknowledge that all too often it is the weakest, most innocent and vulnerable among us -- our children -- who ultimately suffer the most from the challenges that plague our societies," the first lady is expected to say at the lunch. "Whether it is drug addiction, bullying, poverty, disease, trafficking, illiteracy or hunger, it is the children who are hit first and hardest in any country. And, as we all know, the future of every nation rests with the promise of their young people."

Trump has accompanied her husband on previous foreign trips and embarked on her own personal excursions, including a visit to the Vatican's children's hospital and a school in Saudi Arabia in May.

However, she has yet to adopt a specific focus area typical of previous first ladies, who have used their platform to highlight issues such as child obesity, illiteracy or anti-drug use.

It was initially expected for Trump to take on online cyberbullying as her issue, though the idea was mocked by the president's critics who pointed to his regular and often merciless bullying of political adversaries on his own Twitter feed.

Trump's remarks at the lunch instead seem to expand on her own personal interactions with young people and her hopes for their well-being in general.

"No child should ever feel hungry, stalked, frightened, terrorized, bullied, isolated or afraid, with nowhere to turn," she is expected to say. "We need to step up, come together and ensure that our children's future is bright."

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