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Report : Florida Students Lag in Math

MIAM (by Alan McBride/FLA. NEWS NETWORK) -- The National Assessment of Educational Progress, an ongoing assessment from the National Center for Educational Statistics, was released this week.
Also called The Nation's report Card, the assessment notes that Florida students need to step up their math game.
According to the NAEP, roughly 19 percent of Florida's 12th Grade students taking the test scored as proficient or advanced when it came to math.
The assessment checked proficiency on such subjects as geometry and algebra, looking at the percentage of students who demonstrated solid performance in those subjects.
While the scores for Florida students were not the most encouraging, the national average was not much better.
According to the NAEP, the national average for math proficiency among 12th Graders was 26 percent.
About 36 percent of Florida's 12 grade students who took the test scored as proficient or advanced on the reading portion of the exam.
The national percentage for reading proficiency was 38 percent.

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