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Polls Close at 7pm on Primary Day

TALLAHASSEE (by Rick Flagg and Alan McBride/FLA. NEWS NETWORK) -- Primary day voting will end at 7pm, and voters can count on being part of some very closely-watched races.
Leading that pack are the races for the governor's mansion.
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist have spent most of their time and money attacking each other, but neither man is the official nominee of their party yet.
Crist is facing former State Senator Nan Rich.
Unlike Crist, she's a lifelong Democrat and she's staking a claim to the pro-choice vote.
"I have always supported a woman's right to choose," she said, "And that cannot be said about my opponent in the primary or the general election."
Rich has paid her dues to the party, but the polls show Crist... a recent convert... has a better chance of defeating Rick Scott in November.
The question for Democratic voters is whether they should vote their hearts or go for the win.
No such questions exist on the GOP side of the ticket.
Rick Scott is facing token opposition at best.
None of the challengers facing him during the primary have shown up in the polls, and analysts say Scott is a shoo-in for his party's nomination.

Locally, incumbent Ted Yoho is facing a primary challenge from Jake Rush in a noisy primary, to settle the GOP race for November's general election.