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Local News
Kaci Hickox

Maine Scrambles With How to Enforce Quarantine Against Nurse

The governor and other officials are seeking legal authority to enforce what started out as a voluntary quarantine against Kaci Hickox, 33, who was treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. Read more...

Slight Drop in Florida's Consumer Confidence Index

Consumer sentiment among Floridians dropped a point in October to 82, the first decline in the index since May, according to a monthly University of Florida survey. The dip, however, is not seen as the beginning of a trend. Read more...
Ram Recall

380,000 Ram Trucks Recalled over Fuel-Heater Housing Issue

Chrysler is recalling 381,876 trucks, mostly in the US. Models include 2010-2014 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups along with 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs equipped with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines. Read more...
Jeh Johnson

US Steps Up Security for Federal Gov't Buildings

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson announced the enhanced security following "continued public calls by terrorist organizations for attacks on the homeland and elsewhere." Read more...
ISIS Targets

US Military Conducts 14 Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria and Iraq

According to US Central Command, 8 of the strikes were in Syria, near Kobani. They destroyed 5 fighting positions, a small unit, 6 vehicles, a building occupied by ISIS and a command and control node. Read more...

Tensions Running High Between Obama and Israel?

A dire assessment of US-Israeli relations in the wake of an article in the Atlantic by Jeffery Goldberg, in which he quotes a senior Obama administration official calling Netanyahu a coward, but using an expletive. Read more...

Holiday Shoppers Putting Recession Woes Behind Them

Are holiday shoppers ready to spend like they did before the Great Recession? A new Gallup poll says so. Read more...
Data Suit

FTC: AT&T Slowed Speeds for Unlimited Data Customers

Millions of AT&T customers who paid for unlimited data plans faced speeds that were slowed by as much as 90 percent, according to allegations in a federal lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission. Read more...
Ebola Crisis

Obama: US Can't Shy Away from Ebola Fight

Offering a brief update on the Ebola response, the president cautioned, “if we don’t have a robust international response in West Africa, then we are actually endangering ourselves here back home.” Read more...
Wallops Isl.

Space Station Supply Rocket Explodes Over Launchpad

6 seconds after launch from Wallops Island, Virginia, an unmanned rocket exploded. No one on the ground was hurt. See the video, and read more...