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Local News

Computer Glitch Delays Florida Exam for Thousands of Students

Several school districts had to cancel on-line FCAT exams Tuesday. More than 20,000 students across five counties were affected by the technical troubles. Overall, 26 school districts were hit by the server crash. Read more...
Ferry Search

Death Toll Mounts in South Korean Ferry Sinking

One week after a ferry sank off the coast of South Korea, at least 150 people have been confirmed dead with 152 others still missing. There are 174 known survivors, including all 12 of the ferry's crew. Read more...
Tuition Bill

Scott Pushes for Immigrant Tuition Bill

When Rick Scott first ran for governor, he promised a crackdown on illegal immigrants; now he's supporting college tuition breaks for their children. Read more...
Supeme Court

Court Upholds Michigan Ban on Race Conscious College Admissions

A divided Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s ban on race conscious admissions policies at public universities, reversing a lower court decision that had struck down the ban on equal protection grounds. Read more...
Flight 370

Object Washes Ashore; Connected to Flight 370?

Potential jet debris has been found on Australia’s southwestern coastline. The news has been shared with Malaysia officials, who are overseeing the overall search efforts. Authorities believe the jet landed in the Indian Ocean, but have yet to find any hard evidence of its whereabouts. Read more...