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Local News

Doctor Isolated at New York City Hospital Tests Positive for Ebola

The doctor, who has been identified as Dr. Craig Allen Spencer by New York government sources, was placed in an isolation unit Thursday at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan after reporting Ebola-like symptoms. Read more...

Turnout is Key to Even Governor's Race

It's been a nasty campaign, but the Rick Scott and Charlie Crist campaigns agree on one thing: the candidate who turns out the most supporters will be the next governor. Read more...

Canadian Gunman Was Hoping to Leave for Syria

A day after Michael Zehaf-Bibeau launched a deadly attack on Canada's seat of government, a portrait of the 32-year-old Canadian began to emerge, along with a possible explanation for what triggered the shooting rampage. Read more...

Nasdaq and S&P Have Best Day Since January 2013

Strong earnings helped the markets soar on Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average went up 216.58 points, the Nasdaq gained 69.94 points and the S&P climbed 23.71. Read more...
White House

New Questions About White House Fence After String of Intrusions

Since the first fence was erected in 1801, there has been a constant tension between creating a safe house for the president, his staff and his family, and allowing the White House to be accessible to the public. Is the fence enough? Read more...

Terror Attack

Watch the Canadian Parliament Attack Unfold

Canadian police officials released surveillance footage and a detailed account of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's attack near and inside of Parliament. Read more...